Sharing Is Caring (Especially for Bloggers)

Gift Ideas

Do you want to know what to give me for Christmas? Well, besides a Walther CCP, a flight in a WWII era bomber or fighter, dinner for two at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, or an upgrade to my LOGOS Bible software, let me suggest something simple and cheap…share one of my posts!

photo (74)That’s right, if you want to give a simple gift to your favorite blogger, share one of his posts with others on your blog and/or social media! It cost’s nothing, and all you’d need is to wrap it in syrupilly-sweet words of praise as you ask others to check it out.

Simple and cheap! What could be better?

The Challenge

So, this is my challenge, and request:

Share (a post), and share a “like.” 

This is time of year when many bloggers see lower-than-normal visits to their sites, driving many to drink, seek professional help, or yell at their dogs. Therefore, why not take just a moment and share some posts you’ve liked with your friends? Doing so will help maintain a poor, lonely blogger’s stats during the cold and dreary months of the year.

And remember, what goes around comes around.

Also, the next time you read a decent, well-written blog post, don’t forget to “like” it. Even better, why not leave a comment? Sometimes a nice comment could mean the difference between a bad day and a great day. You just never know how far-reaching and life-altering an encouraging word can be. And that’s no joke.

Bloggers are people, too.

Now, if you do have access to a P-51 Mustang or want to treat me to an expensive steak dinner, then who am I to refuse? But if you can’t, a simple “like” and share will make my day!

Sharing is caring :-)

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The Face of Terrorism in America?


You may have already heard about what happened in and around a Colorado Planned Parenthood facility. Three people were killed, including a police officer, by a shooter by the name of Robert Lewis Dear, age 57.

My heart is broken by the loss of life. Even though I believe abortion is the taking of an innocent life, I don’t condone attacking a Planned Parenthood office. If that was all Robert Dear was doing, then he had no justification for his actions. What he did was murder.

But right off the bat, even before the whole story had been released (and we still don’t know all the details as of yet), accusations started flying; talk of gun control ramped up once again; and anyone and everyone with a Facebook or Twitter account made their own two cents known.

Cue Montel Williams…

I don’t know what to think about Montel Williams. For the longest I have always viewed him as more of a moderate, likable, patriotic kind of guy. However, what he posted on his Facebook page after the Colorado shooting left me stunned and disheartened.

The face of terrorism in America is Robert Lewis Dear, 57, who today felt it necessary to take a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs hostage while using the police for target practice in some sort of dramatic pro-life statement (which is ironic since the vast majority of the pro-life movement correctly interprets pro-life to mean not killing anyone).

Multiple people are dead, including one police officer who died as he lived – bravely. My prayers go out.

There is nothing more dangerous than a nut with an idea – in this country, those nuts often look like 57 y/o Robert Lewis Dear. Let’s not forget the face of evil often looks pretty darn American. – Montel Williams (from a post on his Facebook wall)

One common thread holding Mr. Williams’ statement together was what he considered the “face of terrorism” and the “face of evil” in America.

The Face of Terrorism and Evil

Montel Williams stated that the “face of terrorism in America is Robert Lewis Dear” who wanted to make a “dramatic pro-life statement…” He also stated that there is “nothing more dangerous than a nut with an idea…” Really?

So, if we were to parse out Mr. Williams’ statement, what characteristics should we be looking for in order to help us spot the poster boy of terrorism and evil in America? Based on Montel Williams’ profiling skills, from what kind of person should we be hiding?

  • A middle-aged white male (with a beard).
  • A white, male pro-lifer.
  • A middle-aged, white, male, pro-lifer with who owns guns.
  • A middle-aged, white male with an “idea” that is not pro-abortion.

Essentially, “nuts” that kill innocent people are most often white, male, middle-aged Americans with guns, and who are pro-life.


Contextual Terrorism and Evil

In a broad sense, the most common face of terrorism and evil in the world today is not American, not Caucasian, not Christian, and it doesn’t care a rat’s a** about the dignity of human life.

However, the true face of terrorism and evil in America is hardly the average middle-aged pro-lifer with a gun. The true face of terror – well, it really depends on the context.

If you are an average American citizen, the true face of terror is the one that makes you lock your doors at night, especially if you have anything worth taking. It’s the face that makes you nervous to walk down your street at night, or carry your groceries to your car.

For the average American, the face of terror and evil is the one that makes you wish you owned a gun, and if you do, get a permit to carry it. The face of evil the average American fears is the one who keeps you from picking up hitchhikers or giving a dollar to a stranger. It’s the face that makes you have to do background checks for nursery workers.

But in another context…if statistics were the only issue…it’s the unborn children in America, who die by the thousands every day, that should be scared. If they could see that face, how would they describe it?  I guess it’s because it uses forceps and scissors, instead of guns, that its face isnt’t associated with evil?

The TRUE Face of Terrorism and Evil

Let’s be honest, the average American is not afraid of middle-aged white guys with ideas any more or less than the black or Hispanic teen in a hoodie; we’re fearful of everyone!

The average American has no idea what the next drunk driver, mugger, identity thief, rapist, or child molester is going to look like. So, to say that there is a “face” that is more poster-worthy than the next is nothing more than racist fear-mongering.

The true face of terrorism in America (and the world) wants what it wants, hates it when you say no, and will stop at nothing to take it. That face is attached to every heart guided by hate, envy, jealousy, lust, a lack of forgiveness, and pride – not simply a nut with a gun.

Transform the heart and you’ll transform the face, regardless the context.



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The Christmas Music Madness Is Back!

Anthony Baker:

Jason Sneed is a good friend and a co-author of Proverbial Thought. What’s more, he’s a fantastic music director and gifted children’s leader. As I continue the season of “Sharing and Liking,” may Jason’s musical “madness” bring you some Christmas fun ;-)

Originally posted on Jason L Sneed:

Christmas Music Madness

In 2012, I hosted the first Christmas Music Madness here on my blog and we all had so much fun. It has been three years since the first one and it is time to do it again. There are so many new Christmas songs that have come out in the past three years and plus I have a lot of new followers to my blog. I hope that you will play along with this and have fun!

Here is what the Christmas Music Madness 2015 is all about. It is to find my reader’s favorite Christmas song – secular or religious. Once nominations are over, I will place the songs in a 16 team bracket for a battle to the end and to be crowned the Christmas Music Madness Champion.

Here is how it works. There will be one week of nominations of your favorite Christmas song. You can nominate…

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Coexist is Nonsense

Anthony Baker:

As part of my season of “sharing” and “liking,” here’s a thought worth passing along: some bumper stickers are total bunk, no matter how tolerant they try to appear.

Originally posted on David's Theology:

coexistFor years now we have been seeing Coexist bumper stickers on cars and windows. The idea has taken the “progressive” world by storm, but in reality it is utter nonsense.

Coexist means to exist at the same time. In this proper sense of the word we can coexist with others. However, that is not what the movement is trying to push. They want us to think that all ideas are valid. All ideas are equal. We should not question another religion and to each his own.

This sounds great on the surface, unfortunately it is plain ignorance. There is such a thing as absolute truth. There is absolutely only one God. His name is NOT Allah, Buddha or Zeus. He has many names but none of those are Him. There are not many ways to God, only Christ.

To take the progressive idea of coexist is to condemn people to…

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A Sight Worth Visiting: Fallen Pastors

Hey everybody!

Listen, I was doing some reading and came across a blog I think more people should read. It’s called Fallen Pastor (Finding Restoration In a Broken World).

Maybe you’ve known a pastor or minister who has fallen, who has walked away from ministry, because of some moral failure. Sadly, there are more than people think. Maybe it happened to you. Fallen Pastor has something for everyone in any ministerial position.

For that matter, Fallen Pastor has some strong advice for everyone.

Seriously, I was scrolling through the list of posts on Fallen Pastor and was shocked that there were not more “likes.” As a matter of fact, Fallen Pastor has been around for several years, and yet there are barely 100 subscribers! That is sad!

Ray Carroll, the blog’s author, was a pastor who “fell from grace” because of an affair. But instead of walking away from God, as many do in these situations, Mr. Carroll has taken the opportunity to help and challenge others.

Consider this sampling of posts from Fallen Pastor:

So, my friends, go check out Fallen Pastor; there’s a lot of good stuff posted there.

Consider subscribing, too. We need to encourage our pastors, even those who have made mistakes.

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Surgery Day

Sometime this afternoon (after 12 p.m. EST), I don’t exactly know when, a surgeon, a man highly skilled in his art, will open up my flesh and attempt to correct a problem which has been bothering me for several months. I’m going under the knife.

Oh, it’s not a big surgery, like having my brain removed and replaced with a turnip (that only happens when conservatives become liberals, and the government pays for the operation). No, I am having my hand operated on, specifically my left thumb. Why? It’s not working the way it should, or rather, “designed.”

Even for small surgeries like this, but especially when one is going to be put to sleep, one is asked serious questions about life and death.

  • “Do you have a living will and power of attorney?”
  • “Who do we contact if something goes horribly wrong?”
  • “If you were to do something in your sleep to make the anesthesiologist screw up, would you prefer a priest or a generic Protestant?”

The fact is that no surgery is a “little” surgery when it requires one to be anesthetized. Let’s face it, even though I’m only going to be having my thumb and hand cut on, I literally could die today. Yes, things like that happen.

This could be my last post. Sobering, eh?

But I’m not worried; my eternity is secure.

This operation has also gotten me thinking about spiritual surgeries, the kind when God has to come along and cut on our hearts. Fortunately, there is no need for anesthesia or living wills, but it’s surprising how many people refuse to let Him operate, even when the end result would be much better health.

Why is it I am so willing to allow a human doctor to put me under and cut me open when I’m so unwilling, at times, to trust my Creator with cutting away the things that make my spiritual life sick? Why would I want to be less effective in my walk with God any more than I want my hand to be crippled? Makes no sense, does it?

So, I’m having surgery in just a few hours. Pray for me.

In the meantime I’m going to be having a consultation with my heavenly Doctor. The great thing is that when He does His cutting, the Sword He uses not only cuts, but heals, too. Recovery time is up to me and how quickly I want to obey.

God bless! 

UPDATE: I am still alive, but typing is a tad bit limited. My left thumb was cut open at the palm to release the tendon which makes it bend. I was suffering from an acute case of “trigger thumb.” Now let’s just pray I don’t do anything crazy in my sleep :-(

painful hand

Pain medication is a wonderful thing.


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It’s Today, Not Tomorrow. Deal With It!

Stuck on Tomorrow

We all hate getting a song stuck inside our heads, and every day I drive the school bus I run the risk of that happening. Many times I find myself humming or whistling, even singing a random song just to tune out the noise of crumb crunchers.

The other day I got stuck on the well-known and loved-by-all show tune from Annie, “(The Sun Will Come Out) Tomorrow.” I kept singing the main lines over and over, often re-worded to my fit my fancy. One of the little girls sitting behind me asked, “Mr. Baker, why are you so stuck on that song?”

I love it when kids ask me questions…mmmwwaahahaha!

Why Tomorrow?

Yes, a little girl asked me a question, and like the great grandfather I know I will be one day, I unloaded with a barrage of questions the tiny dancer was unprepared to answer.

  • Do you think it’s smart to tell someone you love him when you’ve never even met him or know anything about him?
  • Why would you tell tomorrow you love it, when you don’t know anything about it?
  • How do you know tomorrow will be better than today?
  • What’s so bad about today? I mean, what’s it done that tomorrow won’t?
  • What’s the deal with tomorrow, anyway? Seriously? It’s never here. Never comes. It’s always tomorrow. But today, well, today is here, right where it’s supposed to be. Why not love today? At least today hasn’t left like yesterday, and tomorrow never show up?
  • Do you think Annie should have just been happy with the day she had instead of wishing for things that might never come?
  • Do you really know the sun will come out tomorrow?

I love talking with kids on the bus. Can you tell?

Carpe Diem

In all actuality, there are some really good reasons to have hope in tomorrow. But on the other hand, all we are promised is today, and it might be shorter than you think. Why not seize what you have and be thankful?

“This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” – Psalm 118:24

We won’t have to answer to God for tomorrow, but today is a different bus trip altogether. 


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