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Doing Better


Have you ever heard someone say, “I am going to turn over a new leaf?” When I was a child, I thought as a child and spake as a child, and all I could picture was someone going out into the yard and turning over a new, green leaf. Honestly, it made no sense to me.

Now, after realizing that new leaves are even harder to turn over, because new leaves are actually attached to a tree and very small, I decided to do something a little different. I’m just going to “do better.”

Doing Better

After the last post I have gotten several notes from people saying, “I hope you’re doing better.” In short, yes, I am.

But what exactly does it mean to do better? Well, first it means to continue to do the things one is already doing, but do them in a better way. Of course, better is a relative term. If I eat poorly, should I be a better poor eater? If I spell poorly, shood I trie to bee eevin a more bad speler bi chuckn in sum pour tawking, two?

kk-hot-signIn my case, better is what I should be doing that I am not doing. Better is staying on the straight and narrow when the demons of Krispy Kreme flash a neon sign at me. Better is not listening to my wife when she hears the KK demons, but dropping it down into low gear and speeding away from the temptation.

Better is recognizing a love for food and a sedentary lifestyle should not be more than the love for my family.

Example of “Better”

oatmealSo, here is my first example of “better” for all of you to see. The other day my wife brought home some oatmeal with a picture of Rachael Ray on the box. She said, “I thought you might like this.”

The first thing that went through my mind was, “Am I supposed to admit that I think Rachael Ray is cute?” I do, but that’s beside the point.

The second thing I wondered was why did she think I would like “yum-o’s” oats more than old Mr. Quaker? Then I realized that she thought that if I thought it was good enough for Rachel Ray to say “yum-o,” then it must be good enough to eat on a regular basis.

I had my first bowl this morning.

OK…so….the oats were decent, but “yum-o!”never really came to mind. A cake doughnut and a cup of coffee, however, would have been far better.


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