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The Danger of Being Prepared

A Horrible Day

Last Sunday, as you’re aware, a horrible, horrible tragedy befell the little town of Sutherland Springs, Texas. A man possessed by demonic hatred, bent on murder, blasted his way into the small First Baptist Church and slaughtered nearly half the congregation, wounding most of the rest.

To be sure, it was not simply an act of rage against his mother-in-law, but an evil attack on the very institution she was supposed to be attending. The killer could have chosen any other place to commit murder, but he chose a church…during Sunday services…and came prepared to kill them all. He hated more than just his estranged relatives.

Last Sunday was a horrible day for Texas, but it was also a horrible day for the whole country; we all died a little that day; we changed.

The Aftermath of Debate

Immediately following the carnage – I dare say before the bodies of the slain were even cold – accusations began flying from every direction. One could even say that your’s truly got a little caught up in the accusatory stream. However, two main camps were, and still continue to be, the loudest: the gun control activists and those who are fighting to maintain gun owner’s rights. Now, I have my own thoughts regarding that debate, but even though it’s going to be the most reported, there are others worth noting, and one has to do with guns in churches.

Even before the murder of eight congregants, including the pastor, at Emmanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston, S.C., I had been warning of larger-scale attacks on defenseless congregations. You see, it’s an under-reported fact that more people have been killed in churches throughout America since the 1990’s than all the school shootings combined.

Incredibly, even before last Sunday’s death toll, it was reported that over 690 people have died a violent death while on church or faith-based property since 1999.* And not counting the 27 at FBC Sutherton Springs, by “August 31 of THIS YEAR, we had already surpassed the number of VIOLENT DEATHS on Church and Faith-Based Property for ALL of last year (2016).”** Needless to say, getting killed at church is nothing new.

So, based on the statistics, increased hatred aimed at Christians (the most persecuted and martyred people in the world), and the typical soft-target demographic of churches, American congregations have thankfully now begun to prepare for the possibility of violence, and one of those ways is by facing the grim fact that stopping an armed killer may involve armed church members. What some view as sacrilegious, others are seeing as a God-given right and mandate to defend the innocent, as shepherds defend their sheep.

In my opinion, as the violence and threat of terrorism continue to rise, the debate over being armed for survival will narrow, and more churches will become harder targets, better prepared to defend themselves.

The Danger of Preparedness

But as we prepare our churches and faith organizations for the threat of violence; as we turn ushers and deacons into S.W.A.T.-like security teams; as we replace the “turn the other cheek” mentality with one of “go ahead, make my day,” there’s literally an even greater danger we may be bringing upon ourselves – PRIDE.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for every church becoming a place where active shooters fear to dread. However, in all our preparing we must not go so far as to forget our Rock, our Fortress, our Shield, and our Deliverer. It is one thing to foolishly walk up to Goliath with nothing in hand, not even a sling and stone; but it’s a different thing altogether to assume, because of our training and marksmanship, our projectile will hit its mark without the grace of God.

In the 24th chapter of 2 Samuel and 1 Chronicles 21, King David sinned a great sin against God and did a seemingly innocuous thing – he numbered the people. In other words, he ordered a census of all the able-bodied fighting men so he could know how big of an army he had. But why was this so wrong? Why would that be a bad thing? Well, normally there would be nothing wrong with it, but David’s sin was that he thought power and protection could be calculated, even though Israel’s real Defender was God.

But David’s heart struck him after he had numbered the people. And David said to the LORD, “I have sinned greatly in what I have done. But now, O LORD, please take away the iniquity of your servant, for I have done very foolishly.” – 2 Samuel 24:10 ESV

My fear is that in an attempt to protect ourselves, our churches may go from being fearful to faithless. When we get to that point, no amount of guns in our churches could replace the protective hand of God, and no amount of firepower could hold back His judgment.

Then David said to Gad, “I am in great distress. Let us fall into the hand of the LORD, for his mercy is great; but let me not fall into the hand of man.” – 2 Samuel 24:14 ESV

Better to “prepare to meet thy God,” than be so “prepared” we forget Him.

*Source: http://www.carlchinn.com/Church_Security_Concepts.html

**Source: http://www.sheepdogsafetytraining.com



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Common Sense Vehicle Control Needed


Make no mistake, what happened in Nice, France, was an incredible tragedy. My heart breaks for the families of those killed or injured, and I can only imagine the fear that so many there Thursday night were experiencing.

Yes, it was a tragedy, as are all the times innocent lives are taken and innocent people are wounded and scarred for life. But let’s be honest, it was far more than a just a tragedy; it was a symptom of a disease much greater than isolated “lone wolf” outbreaks.

Now, in order to make a point, had what happened in France this week been the result of one using a gun, then the media in the west, especially the White House, would be all over it. Just like when the assassin killed 5 police officers in Dallas, or a year ago tomorrow when a radical Islamic thug killed 5 of our servicemen here in Chattanooga, had the killing in Nice been associated with a gun, the President would have quickly jumped past the condolences and straight to the issue of gun control.

It’s like what Obama’s former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel once said, “Never let a tragedy go to waste.”

The Obvious

Well, then, if guns are to blame for all shootings, then what about automobiles? Believe it or not, far more people die because of auto accidents in America than from being shot with a gun of ANY kind. Why don’t we talk about that?

Here are some questions for you…

  1. Did the driver in Nice have a license to drive that truck?
  2. Did the driver in Nice acquire that truck legally, or illegally?
  3. If the truck was stolen, should the owner of the truck be held responsible?
  4. Who made the truck? Should the maker of the truck be held responsible because of it’s killing capabilities were not limited?
  5. Is it too easy for people to acquire a vehicle legally?
  6. Should vehicle owners be required to store their trucks and cars when not being used?
  7. When not being used, should vehicles be required to have mandated steering wheel locks?
  8. Should used car lots be required to perform background checks on all buyers before handing over the keys? What if they sold a car for $5,000 to a guy with a drunk-driving record?
  9. Should the government be able to require that all vehicles have technology that restricts its use to only the legal owner, and no one else?
  10. Should all auto owners be placed on a criminal database?

The answers to the above questions should be obvious. It should also be obvious what gun control is really all about, and it’s not about saving lives.

If it was about saving lives, we would have more common-sense vehicle control.


In all seriousness, may the God of peace bring peace and comfort to the hurting and afraid in Nice, France. Our thoughts and prayers are with them at this time.



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Gun Control Legalism

Gun Control

It has been in the news a lot, recently. It is the idea that all guns (handguns, rifles, assault rifles, shotguns, plastic toys, etc.) are bad, bad, bad. Some western countries have all but eliminated them from public possession, while others are arguing over what laws to enact next.

The Lexington Minute Man

The Lexington Minute Man

Personally, coming from a man who lives in the southern United States and would have fought for the Confederacy if alive in the 19th century, I believe “gun control” is being able to hit one’s target. The last thing I will vote for is the removal of weapons from the common citizen. In my opinion, the 2nd Amendment was written by men whose belief was that an armed citizenry was one of the best defenses against tyranny.

Where I grew up, back in the day, the only people that ever got shot were idiots who forgot to check their weapons before crossing a barbed wire fence. Sure, there was the occasional feud, but S.W.A.T. and the F.B.I. were never needed. There were NO home invasions, NO car-jackings, and NO armed robberies in my community, either. Why? Everyone was armed – and everyone knew it.

No one in my community ever locked their doors. There was no real need. Even criminals had enough sense to know that they’d need some serious firepower or the element of surprise to avoid getting killed. For crying out loud, my dad used to drive around with a loaded 12 gauge shotgun on a rack in the window of his Ford truck, while under the seat was a loaded .357 magnum. Rarely was a policeman seen, but none were needed, for the most part.

Gun Laws

Now, out of the brains of postmodern liberals, comes the idea that taking all the guns away from law-abiding people will make us safer. They think that a law will affect the actions of bad guys. Sadly, the only ones that will be safer are the criminals.

Why do I link gun control laws to legalism? It is because gun control laws are put in place by people who forget crime is a heart issue, not a weapon issue. They think that another law will make everything better because, of course, everyone obeys the law.

Some people say, “Give me a list of do’s and don’t’s and everything will be OK.” They are more than willing to give up their freedom for a perception of safety. But what they don’t want to understand is that a sinner will still sin, and a murderer will still murder, regardless of the law or the weapon in hand. And when it comes to weapons, the dark-hearted won’t be deterred by a law they don’t choose to obey. The law keepers are too easy of a target.

My suggestion: Let the self-governing citizens with the law written on their hearts keep their weapons.  The law-breakers who respect no law will be forced to consider the consequences of their actions.


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