Gun Control Legalism

Gun Control

It has been in the news a lot, recently. It is the idea that all guns (handguns, rifles, assault rifles, shotguns, plastic toys, etc.) are bad, bad, bad. Some western countries have all but eliminated them from public possession, while others are arguing over what laws to enact next.

The Lexington Minute Man

The Lexington Minute Man

Personally, coming from a man who lives in the southern United States and would have fought for the Confederacy if alive in the 19th century, I believe “gun control” is being able to hit one’s target. The last thing I will vote for is the removal of weapons from the common citizen. In my opinion, the 2nd Amendment was written by men whose belief was that an armed citizenry was one of the best defenses against tyranny.

Where I grew up, back in the day, the only people that ever got shot were idiots who forgot to check their weapons before crossing a barbed wire fence. Sure, there was the occasional feud, but S.W.A.T. and the F.B.I. were never needed. There were NO home invasions, NO car-jackings, and NO armed robberies in my community, either. Why? Everyone was armed – and everyone knew it.

No one in my community ever locked their doors. There was no real need. Even criminals had enough sense to know that they’d need some serious firepower or the element of surprise to avoid getting killed. For crying out loud, my dad used to drive around with a loaded 12 gauge shotgun on a rack in the window of his Ford truck, while under the seat was a loaded .357 magnum. Rarely was a policeman seen, but none were needed, for the most part.

Gun Laws

Now, out of the brains of postmodern liberals, comes the idea that taking all the guns away from law-abiding people will make us safer. They think that a law will affect the actions of bad guys. Sadly, the only ones that will be safer are the criminals.

Why do I link gun control laws to legalism? It is because gun control laws are put in place by people who forget crime is a heart issue, not a weapon issue. They think that another law will make everything better because, of course, everyone obeys the law.

Some people say, “Give me a list of do’s and don’t’s and everything will be OK.” They are more than willing to give up their freedom for a perception of safety. But what they don’t want to understand is that a sinner will still sin, and a murderer will still murder, regardless of the law or the weapon in hand. And when it comes to weapons, the dark-hearted won’t be deterred by a law they don’t choose to obey. The law keepers are too easy of a target.

My suggestion: Let the self-governing citizens with the law written on their hearts keep their weapons.  The law-breakers who respect no law will be forced to consider the consequences of their actions.


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7 responses to “Gun Control Legalism

  1. Great post, Anthony. You hit the nail on the head!

  2. Anthony, Back when I was in high school just about everyone brought guns to school. It was a small country school and we would go hunting after school and most of the time the teachers would come too. No one would ever think of pointing a gun at another person. As a whole we had more fire power at our school than any of these persons had with them that went on a shooting rampage. I may have had more fire power with me than those shooters! I was going to make a list but space in the comment section is small! You know where I stand on gun control. James

  3. Thank you for your wonderful article. I happen to question one thing you said regarding “under gun laws”. I don’t believe the liberals think, for one second, that taking guns out of “our” hands will make things safer. I KNOW IN MY HEART THE REASON IS TO DISARM THE AMERICAN PEOPLE IN ORDER TO GAIN MORE CONTROL OF THE COMMON, LAW ABIDING CITIZEN!!!!! As a nation, we are headed toward total domination by our powerful, greedy, and evil congress, judicial, and executive branches. There may be 10 true conservative reps in place at this time and we have entitlement recipients that are so uneducated that they can’t see what is going to be the results of dependence on the government. THERE IS NOT NOW, NOR HAS THERE EVER BEEN A FREE LUNCH!

    Please keep up the good work.

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