So, If Guns Are Banned in America …

First, my deepest condolences go out to the families of those children and teachers killed at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. Our hearts break.

I have never lost a child, so I cannot say I know how they feel. However, having been there as a chaplain for the families who lost children in the Woodmore school bus crash, I was witness to the explosive grief that overwhelmed them upon notification that their child had died. All one could do at that moment was cry with them. I can only imagine it has been similar in Uvalde.

Yet, once again – and is truly sad that there even is a “once again” – those who are adamant that gun control in America is the answer to all gun crime are not only screaming for new laws, but they are also cursing those who pray for the families! “F*** your prayers!” were the words of at least one elected official.

Other people, like Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D), blamed Republicans for the children’s deaths. Why? Because Republicans, she said, though claiming to be “pro-life,” still refuse to agree to comprehensive gun legislation which could help stop the murdering of children. They never waste a catastrophe, do they?

But what if legislation was passed tomorrow that banned all handguns and rifles? What if, starting tomorrow, all high-capacity magazines, AR-15-like rifles, and handguns were ordered to be taken somewhere and destroyed? Who would be the ones bringing the weapons for destruction? The criminals? the murderers? NO! It would be the law-abiding citizens! That would only make the mass shooters happy!

I know it may sound cliche, but it’s the truth: when you take away the guns, only criminals will have them. No new law will stop a criminal from breaking it when they are already break the ones that exist.

My question is how did the shooter in Texas get into the classroom in the first place? He had already been on the run after shooting his grandmother and then firing at police. It was when he was fleeing police that he entered Robb Elementary. Were there no locked doors? Was there access into the school other than in the front? It is a lot more difficult for a gunman to enter a school that has taken measures to prevent such a thing. How did he get into this school?

Again, our hearts break for the families of Robb Elementary. And regardless of what AOC thinks, we will pray for them.


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10 responses to “So, If Guns Are Banned in America …

  1. It is a philosophical problem. I think the left believes that humans are inherently good. We are not.

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  3. True. Laws can and do provide some restraint but they will never put and end to crime and evil doing as the left believes.

    The other commenter hit the nail on the head. The left (mostly unregenerate) think man is basically good but we are not. Unfortunately sin and regeneration are concepts unregenerate man are not able to grasp so their only solutions are worldly solutions.

    Besides, AOC’s part controls the presidency, the Senate, and the House. They could pass any gun law they want but, yet, they won’t. This says, to me, that they want political enemies, not solutions.

  4. JS

    I came to this website because I found your coffee video of Charleston, looked around and was sad to the the other content. This article makes a lot of assumptions and underlying it seems to be a negative attitude towards others. Who is “they”? What democratic lawmakers have come out asking to ban all guns? Also- you seemed pretty quick to skip over the part about expressing your condolences for the murdered children. I noticed you seemed to spend more time expressing sorrow for abandoned fetuses in another article, than you did expressing sorrow for actual LIVING murdered children in this one.

  5. Good morning, JS. First, thank you for taking the time to stop by. I hope you at least enjoyed the coffee video 🙂

    I’m sorry that you’ve gotten a poor impression of me. In the first few paragraphs I though I was very clear how tragic the deaths of these children are. Maybe you didn’t understand my illustration of the Woodmore school bus crash. I mentioned how horrible it was for just one family to receive the news that their 1st grader was identified as one of the 6 killed. I then meant to imply how much worse it must have been in Texas. That’s why I said our hearts break – I’ve personally seen this stuff up close as a police chaplain.

    In general, though, the ultimate point of my post was about the way gun control is always brought up. I didn’t focus on the children more because they were not the main subject this time. However, I did begin and end with condolences.

    There are few Democrats who actually call for the banning of all guns outright. Some do. Beto, for one. But when you break down the ramifications of what the DO publicly call for, the effective end result is the same. Just look at England and Australia, for example.

    Lastly, if I wrote an article specifically addressing abortion, would it not seem reasonable that I should focus primarily on that?

    I do hope that you do judge me too soon. I’ve got over 11 years worth of other material 😉

    Regardless, have a great Memorial Day weekend and remember to take a moment to honor the memory of those who’ve fallen.


  6. It is true , like drugs when they are illegal they can still be found. Guns I’m sure would be no different. I think you could have made your point without blame of others as to why this happened. It is my opinion you don’t have to go so low to make a point.

    • Thank you for stopping by and thank you for the comment. I’m sorry that I did not get around to approving it until now. However, I would respond by saying that I don’t know if I actually blamed anyone for what happened. What I believe I did was simply ask the question of how the shooter got into the school in the first place. If it came across as accusatory, I didn’t mean it that way.

  7. Anthony,

    In your comments, you mention what happens in England and Australia, as an example of what happens when guns are banned, correct?

    With that being the case, Australia’s homicide rate is around 1 per 100,000 people, and Britain’s (which usually reflects England’s) is around 1.2, also per 100,000 people.

    The US homicide rate was 7.8 in 2020. 79% of US murders involved firearms. Therefore, the US murder rate with guns alone is 6.1, which is greater than the combined UK and Australian murder rates.

    In that sense, the ramifications of gun control measures are a reduction in murders. It is not *entirely* down to guns, nor is it entirely down to legal measures (the USA has a strong gun ‘culture’), but equally, of the top 35 developed nations in the world, the USA is the only one where mass shootings are frequent. Many other countries have robust forms of gun control, and different forms to one another, yet where consistent laws are in place, gun violence drops.

    • Ben, thank you for your thoughtful comment. I do appreciate your input and perspective. However, please forgive me, but I only mentioned England and Australia (and if I’d only waited, Canada) because they have the laws that some of our leaders want. After re-reading the comment to which you are referring, I did not cite statistics, nor did I mean for that to be a part of the overall thought. But again, thank you for the comment.

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