SBC In Trouble, but Missions Will Suffer

Last night I received some heartbreaking news about the Southern Baptist Convention. Heartbreaking and sickening.

When my wife and I attended last year’s general session in Nashville and voted for a transparent investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct, I had no idea what would happen. However, my intention, along with all the other delegates (as best I can tell), was to take a proactive stance that would show we won’t (and won’t) tolerate that kind of stuff.

However, over the past year it became obvious to me and some others that more was at play than an investigation. Certain red flags were waving in the camp of the SBC leadership – the woke ones – not the SBC Executive Committee, and the shakeup that followed looked more like an ideological purge than an attempt to make something right.

But yesterday the report from Guidestone dropped. And what was in that report? Accusations that the leadership of the SBC has been covering up hundreds of sexual misconduct accusations, including the one from 2010 against former SBC president Johnny Hunt. It seems Hunt was accused of sexual assault against another pastor’s wife 24 years his junior. He vehemently denies it.

Are the accusations true? Well, according to the report from Guidestone, the accusation seems credible and conversations with Johnny Hunt did not leave the investigators with much confidence. As a result, Hunt has resigned all positions and, at the least, will suffer ministerial destruction.

If he did what he was accused of, then Hunt should get what’s coming to him. If, however, all we have are accusations and no evidence worthy of prosecution, we are left with nothing more than unanswered questions, ruined reputations, and one more staunch conservative kicked out of the way.

Now, again, I am totally in support of weeding out sexual misconduct, so don’t misunderstand me. But please forgive me if I’m suspicious of the motivations behind those doing the investigating.

Regardless, the ultimate result will be that SBC missionaries on the field will suffer. Because of this mess, true or not, already decreased giving will take a sharp turn south resulting in the recall of many sharing the Gospel in places all over the world.

This morning at 11 a.m. (eastern), the Executive Committee will be live streaming a special called meeting. They have invited all who are interested to watch it. Whatever the case, regardless of where the evidence leads, this whole thing is totally sickening.

If YOU want to join us as we watch the meeting, I am sharing a link. I hope it works.


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15 responses to “SBC In Trouble, but Missions Will Suffer

  1. Stephen

    And again you prove yourself an asshole. You’ve got a history of supporting sexual predators so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. No matter how many times God proves to you that some of your beliefs are way off, little Anthony Baker knows better.
    Just another religious asshole who refuses to take responsibility for himself. Blaming fictional people “the woke” or “the left”. If you knew just how stupid you sound you might shut the heck up.
    A pastor who supports murderers and sexual predators, seems par for the western christian church.

    • So I don’t know Anthony, but just from reading this post, it doesn’t sound at all that he supports sexual predators. Rather, it sounds like he wants the truth. It is very popular today to accuse high profile leaders of sexual misconduct even if it was not true. Remember the Brett Kavanaugh case? Not a shred of evidence there but the left was obsessed with it, pushed it, made people believe it, but it wasn’t true.

      Now, what Anthony did say is that if it IS true, he should get what is coming to him. But if he is innocent, this is a heinous act. Do you disagree with that?

      • Stephen

        What I disagree with is self professed Christians playing devil’s advocate and banking on plausible deniability to justify themselves. It’s a page right out of king Trump playbook. Anthony supports Trump and he also supports Kyle Rittenhouse so my assessment of Anthony is based on what he puts out for everyone to see.
        Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks and the fingers type for all to see.
        Thanks for coming out David.

      • And I’ve got over 11 years worth of typing available to all. Considering you are literally the ONLY person in the world saying things about me like you do, that should give you reason to reassess.

      • Kyle Rittenhouse, you mean the young man who has been declared innocent by the courts? That Kyle Rittenhouse? He was NOT guilty. That Kyle Rittenhouse?

      • Stephen

        Another fine Churchian who supports murder.
        Thanks for coming out.

      • How in the world have I supported murder? That’s a pretty high charge without basis!

      • Stephen is good at over generalizations and blanket accusations.

      • And apparently thinks every time someone kills someone it is murder. Kyle Rittenhouse was OBVIOUSLY not murder.

      • Stephen

        Yes Anthony, I know, 11 years of not controlling your tongue. It’s there for all to see.

      • You’ve still not replied with Scripture to study. Would you like for me to tie half my brain behind my back? 😉

    • I really wish you’d just come out and say whom I support or condone. You keep saying things without any evidence, and you’re the only one with a potty mouth. And what does the Bible say about people who can’t control their tongues?

  2. Anthony, the whole country needs to change how we respond to sexual abuse and how we talk about it. For far too long we’ve just ignored it, covered it up, and shunned victims, so now there is a reckoning coming. I know the SBC is currently in the spotlight, but the secular world is just as bad, if not worse. I realize false allegations can happen and there can be mass hysteria, but far too often it is completely ignored and bad guys are protected and sheltered because everyone is always so sure they are just being set up and targeted because of their religious beliefs or their politics. Meanwhile, victims are often separated from the church, fall away from faith, can wind up with mental health issues, suicide, homelessness, addiction. There is a whole mass of humanity out there suffering that is almost invisible and hardly anyone seems to care because we’re all so busy acting like only the accused need our protection.

    • I understand. Remember, I was one of the ones there last year in Nashville who voted to move forward with the investigation of allegations. I have NO time for abusers and predators, regardless what our troll Stephen spits on about. It’s just such an easy weapon to use with little to no recoil. Then, in turn, those who ARE victims, like the innocent who are accused, become harder to distinguish from the political operatives. To get through stuff like this requires the wisdom of Solomon.

      • Stephen

        And again an asshole. You’re just one giant ass hole. Recovering legalist. LMAO,
        Perhaps Insanity is starting to wake up, she’s been sleeping so long on her religious juice. But perhaps she’s getting tired of men telling her how to be and how to feel. She doesn’t realize her beliefs aren’t hers but , in fact, her belief’s are religious indoctrination.
        Anthony likes to play the victim, it’s always a sure sign of a chud.
        I’m praying for you Insanitybytes.

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