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Blog Roll or Blog Slice?

Blog Roll or slice

I have a question for all of you about blog rolls.

For several years I have had the same list of blogs on my “blog roll.” Yesterday I took them all down – all of them.

Why? Because I wanted to start over with a fresh list, one that more accurately and fairly listed blogs which I either visit or endorse.

However, how do I do that? What is fair? And for that matter, how many to I post a link to?

To be honest, I don’t read as many blogs as I’d like, simply because I don’t have that much time. Every once in a while I will go on a binge and do a lot of clicking, reading, scanning, and “liking.” I may even leave a few profound comments. There’s just so many blogs out there, and I can’t read them all.

So, how should I do this? Should I list every single blog I ever visit more than once? Should I list a long blog roll of 50+ websites, many of which I may rarely visit more than once a month, or less?

Or, should I just give you a “slice” of what’s out there? Like, what if I listed the blogs of people I really like, along with some popular ones everybody else likes?

Or, what if a “slice” of blogs consisted of those whose owners commented here? I could, let’s say, keep a “top 10” slice; the ones who commented the most (“likes” count half) would be at the top of the list, all others further down.


You see, I just don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, you know? I mean, if you own a blog and only post once a year, should I put you in the “roll,” much less the “slice”?

What do you think? Leave a comment, please (It may help your score 😉 ).


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Obviously Obvious

A Great Deal

Every once in a while a deal comes along that you just can’t pass up, like four suits for the price of one at Joseph A. Bank. I mean, that’s simply a once-in-a-lifetime steal!

And have you ever seen those commercials for…I don’t know…everything? How can you pass on buying something for $19.95 when you get a second whatever and ten additional gadgets for no additional cost? (Just pay separate shipping and handling, of course).

IMG_4065Well, one deal I saw the other day at Wal-Mart just took my breath away! It was awesome! It was more than awesome…it was OBVIOUS!

TWO – count them – TWO honey buns for just $1! Or, if you like, you could buy one for just 50 cents. What a deal!

Yeah. Right.

Obvious Stuff

Look, businesses don’t give things away for no reason; separate shipping and handling actually covers the cost of free items; and, getting two honey buns for the price of two honey buns isn’t exactly a great deal. Some people never put two and two together.

What are some other things that should be obvious? Let me start a list:

  • Watching church on TV is NOT as good as being there.
  • Your vote DOES matter.
  • Living together first is NOT the best way to start a marriage.
  • One’s actions DO have consequences.
  • Government is NOT the solution to every problem.
  • Believing God doesn’t exist doesn’t make Him go away.

Any other suggestions?


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Turning Away the Tide

The following words are going to be disturbing on several levels.

1.  I am going to be talking about doing laundry.

2.  I am going to be talking about how girls should dress, which will make some think I am a prude.

3. I am going to be talking about doing laundry (I said that, already, but I hate doing laundry).

I do have to do laundry at times. It is not the norm, mind you, because my wife is very particular about how things are to be done. She can go totally postal (sorta) if clothes are not washed and dried properly. Towels have to be folded just so-so. Colors are an important, for some reason. She even wants it done on a regular basis. For crying out loud! I don’t know if I can handle all of the stress.

My wife is pretty particular about our laundry, but we are both capable of handling the job. However, I may know more than I want her to think. If I volunteer too much info, then you know what will happen – she’ll make me do more laundry.  I would rather wash the car, sweep the garage, or go on vacation. So, don’t be surprized to learn that a few colored items end up in the wash with whites every now and then. I don’t want her to trust me too much.  But when it comes to detergent, we are in total agreement and get along just fine. We do NOT use Tide.

What is wrong with Tide? Nothing is wrong with the product.  As a matter of fact, Tide rests on the top of the laundry pile when it comes to quality – it does what it promises.  So what is the problem? Tide’s advertising.

It seems to me that someone at Proctor & Gamble needs to learn a little about parenting, marriage, and ethics.  A couple of recent commercials leave me wondering whether or not they understand the role of a mother or a father, or the difference between love and enabling. First there was the commercial showing a mother lying to her daughter about wearing and soiling a particular top. Then came the newest commercial depicting a caring dad as a prudish killjoy, while the mom becomes the hero when she washes the daughters miniskirt.  What is going on, here? Well, it’s called advertizing.

Tide’s slogan is now, “Style is an option. Clean is not.” Style is an option. As a recovering legalist, I try to be careful when it comes to choices people make about clothing. I don’t want to be too quick to judge, for there are many options available to those who have the money to spend; yet, taste should not take precedent over decency and modesty. As a company, P&G may think it is making a point about clean clothes, but the commercials are encouraging real ethical problems.

Let’s take, for instance, the mother lying over the daughter’s green top (http://youtube.com/watch?v=1cljX9iMwgQ). The commercial is cute, for sure. It even gives a shout out to grown ups for still being able to get down and have fun (you go, Mom!). But what about lying to your children? What about taking things without asking? OK, so it’s pretty harmless, right? It’s not like the mom is causing the girl to sin, or anything, you think? Maybe not, but there’s more.

Picture this: dad walks by clothes line, sees white miniskirt, takes it down with dirty hands, then throws it away. Next, girl finds miniskirt in trash, takes it to mom who promptly washes it in Tide, then looks begrudgingly at husband before smiling with approval at scantily dressed daughter who walks passed a shocked dad. Please tell me I am not the only one who sees something wrong with this.

Again, “style is an option,” but clean is not. The only problem is that the role of the parent is to protect and mentor the child, not just provide her clean clothes. Whether or not the dad should have thrown away his daughter’s skirt is debatable (I would have, especially if she was underage). What is not debatable is that the dad did not want his daughter wearing something that was meant to make guys want to see more.  The dad wanted to protect his little girl. Mom, on the other hand, showed no respect for her husband and gave the impression that crimping one’s style is more dangerous than causing boys to lust. That’s what is wrong with this kind of advertising.

For a while there have been rumors circulating about Proctor & Gamble (makers of Tide) giving money to the Church of Satan. According to Snopes.com, the stories are completely false, maybe scandalous (http://www.snopes.com/business/alliance/procter.asp). This is not why I chose not to purchase Tide. I simply do not want to encourage a form of advertising that clearly belittles parental perogatives and elevates unethical behavior.

Style is an option, but a clean heart is not.

For the record, if you are a parent and let your daughter wear miniskirts and the like, don’t complain when you end up dealing with pregnancy, STD’s, abuse, or abduction. Even more, don’t be astonished when you stand before the Lord and give an account. Your allowing your daughter to dress that way not only puts her in danger, but leaves you partly responsible for causing another mother’s son to sin, “But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” – Mat 5:28 ESV

One more reason why I don’t use Tide is this: it reminds me too much of Alabama…ugh!



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