Blog Roll or Blog Slice?

Blog Roll or slice

I have a question for all of you about blog rolls.

For several years I have had the same list of blogs on my “blog roll.” Yesterday I took them all down – all of them.

Why? Because I wanted to start over with a fresh list, one that more accurately and fairly listed blogs which I either visit or endorse.

However, how do I do that? What is fair? And for that matter, how many to I post a link to?

To be honest, I don’t read as many blogs as I’d like, simply because I don’t have that much time. Every once in a while I will go on a binge and do a lot of clicking, reading, scanning, and “liking.” I may even leave a few profound comments. There’s just so many blogs out there, and I can’t read them all.

So, how should I do this? Should I list every single blog I ever visit more than once? Should I list a long blog roll of 50+ websites, many of which I may rarely visit more than once a month, or less?

Or, should I just give you a “slice” of what’s out there? Like, what if I listed the blogs of people I really like, along with some popular ones everybody else likes?

Or, what if a “slice” of blogs consisted of those whose owners commented here? I could, let’s say, keep a “top 10” slice; the ones who commented the most (“likes” count half) would be at the top of the list, all others further down.


You see, I just don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, you know? I mean, if you own a blog and only post once a year, should I put you in the “roll,” much less the “slice”?

What do you think? Leave a comment, please (It may help your score πŸ˜‰ ).


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12 responses to “Blog Roll or Blog Slice?

  1. I did one once and never updated it and some of them don’t even blog any more. If I ever do it over I think I will sell the spots to the highest bidder. Soon after I will starve to death.

  2. The only blogs on my blog rolls are the several ones I myself write. I visit too many regularly to make a list. Things can get complicated in the blogosphere!

  3. You ask some excellent questions. I created my blog roll a long time ago and haven’t done much with it since. I have occasionally (by which I mean 2 or 3 times) gone through and deleted ones that are no longer active, but I should clean it up more. Some of the sites on it I haven’t been to in years because I don’t read blogs as much as I used to either.

    As for what you should do, you should definitely put my blog on your blog roll. I actually get hits from people being referred from here and I like that. πŸ™‚ Plus, you will definitely hurt my feelings if you don’t. I’d get over it, I’m sure, but it would still hurt my feelings at least a little. Peace, Linda

  4. In an era of more writers than readers I’d say, that most everyone is talking and not very many are listening. I also, struggle with this and I imagine that only a few of my followers are actually, affected by my words. When it comes to blogging, relationship is important and when it comes to ministry, relationship is vital. I go with relationship.

  5. Totally valid, man. It’s not too uncommon to see social media purges every now and again. Seeing as how we’re human, not God, we’re only capable of handling so much. More power to ya, keeping your relationship with the internet healthy and managed! πŸ™‚

  6. I have more than one blog roll, depending on the topic. But then, I’ve been lazy about updating it, ‘cuz you’re not on it yet!

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