Obviously Obvious

A Great Deal

Every once in a while a deal comes along that you just can’t pass up, like four suits for the price of one at Joseph A. Bank. I mean, that’s simply a once-in-a-lifetime steal!

And have you ever seen those commercials for…I don’t know…everything? How can you pass on buying something for $19.95 when you get a second whatever and ten additional gadgets for no additional cost? (Just pay separate shipping and handling, of course).

IMG_4065Well, one deal I saw the other day at Wal-Mart just took my breath away! It was awesome! It was more than awesome…it was OBVIOUS!

TWO – count them – TWO honey buns for just $1! Or, if you like, you could buy one for just 50 cents. What a deal!

Yeah. Right.

Obvious Stuff

Look, businesses don’t give things away for no reason; separate shipping and handling actually covers the cost of free items; and, getting two honey buns for the price of two honey buns isn’t exactly a great deal. Some people never put two and two together.

What are some other things that should be obvious? Let me start a list:

  • Watching church on TV is NOT as good as being there.
  • Your vote DOES matter.
  • Living together first is NOT the best way to start a marriage.
  • One’s actions DO have consequences.
  • Government is NOT the solution to every problem.
  • Believing God doesn’t exist doesn’t make Him go away.

Any other suggestions?



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4 responses to “Obviously Obvious

  1. Just because the label says “no fat” does mean eating it will not make you fat!

  2. A watched pot will boil . . . eventually

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