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Obviously Obvious

A Great Deal

Every once in a while a deal comes along that you just can’t pass up, like four suits for the price of one at Joseph A. Bank. I mean, that’s simply a once-in-a-lifetime steal!

And have you ever seen those commercials for…I don’t know…everything? How can you pass on buying something for $19.95 when you get a second whatever and ten additional gadgets for no additional cost? (Just pay separate shipping and handling, of course).

IMG_4065Well, one deal I saw the other day at Wal-Mart just took my breath away! It was awesome! It was more than awesome…it was OBVIOUS!

TWO – count them – TWO honey buns for just $1! Or, if you like, you could buy one for just 50 cents. What a deal!

Yeah. Right.

Obvious Stuff

Look, businesses don’t give things away for no reason; separate shipping and handling actually covers the cost of free items; and, getting two honey buns for the price of two honey buns isn’t exactly a great deal. Some people never put two and two together.

What are some other things that should be obvious? Let me start a list:

  • Watching church on TV is NOT as good as being there.
  • Your vote DOES matter.
  • Living together first is NOT the best way to start a marriage.
  • One’s actions DO have consequences.
  • Government is NOT the solution to every problem.
  • Believing God doesn’t exist doesn’t make Him go away.

Any other suggestions?


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Thursday Thoughts

It’s another Thursday – and a cold one! – here in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  It was a whopping 5 degrees Fahrenheit this morning, and that’s cold enough to make Joel Osteen preach on hell to get warm. [Laugh, I know you want to]

The weather leads me to the first of one of my short thoughts for the day…things I want to write about, but don’t want to take the time to go into much detail…

Comparisons between the North and the South. 

I am getting really weary of people making fun of how we Southerners deal with snow. They make fun of us because we make such a big deal out of a “dusting,” while Yankees take their kids to school on bobsleds. Give it a rest, you lutefisk-loving haters of state’s rights!

Believe it or not, I have driven in Rochester, New York while there was 6-inches of snow on the roads. But that is totally different from driving on asphalt covered with a quarter-inch of ice.


Screen grab from Dr. Oz's website

Screen grab from Dr. Oz’s website

Dream Analysts (with freaky-colored hair)

This week I saw a segment on Dr. Oz that featured a “Certified Dream Analyst.” Giiiiive meeeee uuuuhhhh breaaaak!

Patient: “I have this dream where I am falling.” Analyst: “That is your body responding to you being out of control in your life.”

Patient: “People chase me in my dream, and I can’t get away.” Analyst: “That’s a classic sign that you are running from something in your past, or something you don’t want to deal with.”

Patient: “I keep having this dream that I am in school.” Analyst: “Your body is trying to teach you something.”

What a joke! After the first person’s dreams were analyzed, I figured out how to do the rest. How much does this pay?

Continuing Education

preaching magazineEven preachers who preach all the time (i.e., me) need to continue learning. It never hurts to seek ways to improve what you do, to hone one’s skills, even if you already do it well. That is why I was happy to see my first copy of Preaching come in the mail. My oldest daughter, Alicia, bought me a subscription for Christmas.

Never See Eye-to-Eye

A recent Facebook conversation reaffirmed an already sad realization: there are some people with whom I will never, no matter how much I try, see things eye-to-eye. For example, a preacher named Jon Dabill and I got into a long, long exchange over the issue of KJV-onlyism.

Fact is, he was wrong…I was right. What more can I say?

Oh, I know! I could say, “This is my opinion based on serious, objective study and a scholarly approach toward the original texts.” On the other hand, Jon would say, “You can’t trust the originals, just the perfect King James version, so phooey on all your study! You gonna trust scholars, or the Bible?”

Personally, I prefer truth. If a word in the KJV could be changed to better convey the original meaning of the passage, even the translators of the KJV thought it should be so (see their letter to the reader in the introduction to the KJV). Jon said, “I could care less what the translators believed.”

Well, there you have it. Another Thursday, and more stuff to think about. 

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