My Daughter’s List

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not trying to get my daughter hitched. However, if you are a young man who can live up to Katie’s high standards, then let’s talk.

And believe me, we will talk first.

A few days ago my daughter Katie (age 20, not far from 21) sent me an email containing a list of what she wanted in a man. Unbelievably, even though she is now a senior at Bryan College, has a beautiful voice, is a fantastic photographer, and bubbles with a personality as lovely as her looks, she still has no marital prospects. Crazy, right?

What’s wrong with you guys??

Do you have, and can you do all the following?

  1. katie-before-the-banquet-at-bryanHas a heart that wants to serve God in every way and serves to refine my heart for Christ
  2. Patient
  3. Respectful to all people and animals
  4. Wants to honor my family
  5. Respects and honors my body
  6. Has a love for children
  7. Lives a healthy lifestyle and encourages me to do the same
  8. Will be respectful of my dietary requirements
  9. Has a strong work ethic with a reasonable plan for life
  10. Will willingly give quality massages (primarily on feet and neck) upon request and out of self will

If you are interested in becoming my son-in-law, you’ll figure out how to get in touch with me. Then, if I think you might possibly make her happy, I’ll forward the info. She has the final word, though.

Any takers?

Oh! I do have a badge (so I have connections), and I firmly believe in the 2nd Amendment. Just FYI.

Visiting Bryan to hear Katie sing her first solo with the choir and full orchestra. She sang Vivaldi.

Visiting Bryan to hear Katie sing her first solo with the choir and full orchestra. She sang Vivaldi.


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10 responses to “My Daughter’s List

  1. Those are excellent requirements.

  2. Anthony,

    An unusual post. Are you sure you had her permission?

    Interestingly, we are getting ready for a marriage of our son in April. They are both in their mid-forties, never been married and no children. They met on a Christian dating site.

    We’re looking forward to adding our daughter-in-law to our family. Our girls are also excited to have her on their side as they terrorize their baby brother.


    • Actually, my daughter approved the post before I published it. Before she drove off back to school I said, “I’ll let you know if you get any bites.” She replied, “I know you will.”


  3. Keep your standards high, Katie!

  4. Hi Anthony,
    If I was a guy I would be fearful to encounter you ๐Ÿ™‚ If it was possible, the best way would be to get a psychological evaluation done on a potential mate. This would be to rule out a psychopathic personality. There are more of these types of dysfunctional personalities in our world then we think. These individuals cannot truly love anyone. They are often intelligent and likable. They are master imitators of the emotions of others. They are difficult to identify. These people have little emotions of their own other than anger, self-love, and pity for themselves. Their emotional development becomes arrested in childhood, and this then is the level of their ability in the area of human emotion during their adulthood years. Their is no known treatment to help this person and most often they will refuse help because they believe they are ok. A marriage with this kind of person will be a farce and will inevitably fail over time. I spent 30 years with one. Some of these kinds of people become physically violent but most are emotionally and intellectually abusive. It’s all about control in the marriage relationship, and the breaking down of their mate, in order to get control over them. Katie would be better off to never marry than to marry someone like this. This kind of mate will destroy her if he can. And there is no doubt that he will try.

  5. I chuckled at the firm belief in the 2nd Amendment part. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I would encourage your lovely daughter to keep her eyes on the Lord, and seeking His will for her, and know that she is complete in Him, whether or not she ever marries.
    I think she has a great list of requirements, and would like to add the following – that her future husband pray with her each day. My own marriage has been so much better once we started praying together daily. We only started doing this after being married more than 13 years! Now we could never miss it.

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