Favorites of the 500

Favorite Posts

post-milestone-500-1xI first started blogging back in 2009. Since then I have written over 500 posts, but many have all but been forgotten – out of sight, out of mind.

Therefore, I have gone back and picked several of my favorites from the first couple of years and listed them below. I hope you will have the time to look at a few, especially the ones specifically dealing with legalism (my pet subject).

  1. The Doctrine of Separation Examined (Where most of my Independent Baptist friends and I – I’m Baptist, too – disagree the most)
  2. Why Be a Legalist?
  3. Prostitots? (One of my most in-your-face, no-punches-pulled posts)
  4. Does Divorce Disqualify? (Very controversial post)
  5. What to Wear to Church? (Many people should read this, then send a copy to everyone in their church!)
  6. Study to Show Thyself Approved On a Survey
  7. Smoking: The Legalists Are Alive and Well
  8. Let God Be True, and Luther a Liar
  9. The Recovering Legalist Meets Building 429 (My first mega-hit piece, thanks to the band putting this on their website 😉 )
  10. The REAL Problem With the Problem of Evil (Pretty much a personal essay on the problem of evil)
  11. “You might be a legalist if…” (Did Jeff Foxworthy write this?)
  12. Anthony’s Appetite #6 (Marinated Herring) (I used to be an amateur food critic)
  13. You Call THAT a Church?
  14. Don’t Be Skeerd (my own list) (A funny list at what Christians should NOT be afraid of)
  15. Monday Monkey Meets Benny Berry (I still get teary-eyed when I watch this!)


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3 responses to “Favorites of the 500

  1. Chris Jordan

    Congratulations on the 500 posts!

  2. liliandruve


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