My Take on Chick-fil-A

The Story

If you haven’t heard about Chick-fil-A and what happened August 1, 2012, then you’re probably living under a rock. This privately-owned fast-food restuarant chain broke all sales records as people from all over the country showed up to support them by buying their food. It was called “Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day.”

Now, what got all this started was an outcry by the liberal and LGBT crowd. They were made aware of a statement made by Dan Cathy to the Baptist Press (a Southern Baptist news paper) regarding his views on same-sex marriage – he’s against it. When they heard this, a call was made to boycott Chick-fil-A. In response to the call for a boycott, millions did the opposite.

The Craziness

What is really crazy about all of this is the argument behind all the hate towards Chick-fil-A. Those protesting have made erroneous, unfounded accusations that the resturant chain discriminates toward homosexuals. What a load of, well, chicken poo!

The thing that is making people on the left angry is the simple fact that Dan Cathy expressed a belief that disagrees with the pluralistic, post-modern, hedonistic, amoral segment of society – and he is a wealthy, conservative Baptist. So, because of an individual’s personal beliefs, the left, including politicians, want to punish a legitimate, non-discriminatory business.

I have heard it said over and over, “Chick-fil-A hates gays!” How is that even defensible! In order for that to be true, we should be seeing gays turned away or offered poor service. In order for that to be true, we should be reading of multiple, nation-wide examples of discrimination in the work place. None of that can be found. The accusation is totally bogus.

Can’t Win for Losing

Then there are those who are griping and complaining over the response from communities nation-wide. Believe it or not, there are believers in Christ (who themselves disapprove of gay marriage and support Dan Cathy’s right to express his opinion) condemning all of those who showed up to support the unfounded condemnation of Chick-fil-A. What’s the deal?

How many times have we heard it preached that it is time for the Christians to stand up for what they believe? Then, when they do, what do we hear? We hear, “The Church has failed…We should stay out of politics…They’re just out to get free food.” Aside from the fact that it wasn’t just Christians showing up yesterday, it was people who were expressing their support for a business.

My Decision

This is what I am going to do. Tomorrow (Friday) I am going to drive our church van to a couple of different Chick-fil-A locations, look for any gays or lesbian kissing in public, and offer to buy their food. I am going to go with a $100 budget.

You see, the whole argument against Cathy and Chick-fil-A, and all Christians, is that we hate gays. Sure, there are some idiots who do, just like there are hateful people on all sides, but as a whole we don’t. What we hate is sin. What we hate is being forced to accept something we firmly believe to be wrong. What we hate is being unjustifiably attacked and maligned. We do not hate gays.

For the Record

God made man (generically speaking) in His image, which makes each individual precious in God’s eyes. Jesus even gave His life so that those who hated Him could be forgiven and offered eternal life. If I were to hate homosexuals, how could I claim to be a follower of Jesus? But does this mean I agree with the act of homosexuality? No. Do I believe that marriage, an institution ordained by God to be a covenant between a man and a woman, should be expanded to include the union of same sexes? No. What it does mean is that I will seek to love people like Jesus did.

So, if you want to show the love of Christ in a tangible way, do what I am going to do. Show those who have claimed we hate them that we actually do love them. If you see a couple of men kissing in a Chick-fil-A, go up to them and tell you that you want to show them that you do love them, and in the Name of the One who first showed you love, buy them the best chicken sandwich known to man.

Romans 5:8 – But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.


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17 responses to “My Take on Chick-fil-A

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  2. While we are not blessed with Chick-fil-A in the UK I found this post to provide a well-balanced response to the issues. How we respond to such challenges as Christians is important and I pray that you will be a blessing and receive a blessing today.

  3. Anonymous

    Nice that you are buying their food but I think everyone is ordering water… lol…

    • And that is sad, really. All it will prove is that the company they say hates gays really has a servant’s heart. They will pay their employees and all operating expenses, then give away free water (which involves labor expense and utility expense, not to mention the cost of the cups) to a bunch of people who only want to make a scene. Frankly, that kind of behavior is rude.

  4. Andrew

    “What we hate is sin. What we hate is being forced to accept something we firmly believe to be wrong. What we hate is being unjustifiably attacked and maligned. We do not hate gays.”

    I’ve heard this bit too many times. YOU aren’t being forced to do ANYTHING! YOU are forcing others to be unable to do anything! The only party ramming ideas down others people’s throats is Christians who insist on forcing their ideas on everyone else.

    How is this so complicated? Seriously how can you not see that?

    • Andrew, thanks for your comment. I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by. But I do have to disagree with you.

      You say that I (capitalized) am not being forced to do ANYTHING. That is not true. I AM being forced to ACCEPT the legalization of something I feel not only morally wrong, but an insult to those who suffered true racial discrimination. I AM being forced to remain silent about my beliefs, or have to endure charges of bigotry, racism, and hate mongering. As a pastor I am gradually be forced to remain silent on the issue of sexual sin, or else be accused of hate speech. As a society we ARE being forced to attend “tolerance” training, which is nothing more than brainwashing from the other side.

      And when you say that we are “ramming ideas down other people’s throats,” what do you think the LGBT crowd is doing? Since this country was founded the belief has been that marriage is the holy union of a man and woman. The ones doing any “forcing” are the ones attempting to change that understanding through intimidation, threats, and even kiss-ins.

      But seriously, thanks for your comment.

      • Andrew

        Marriage is not a Christian-owned or originated concept. And even if it was…which definition should we utilize next?

        Your “acceptance” isn’t a matter of force. Again, how does it actually affect you? How does two men, or two women, who love one another, who live 5 blocks from your house, who get married…affect you specifically?

        You’re being accused of bigotry because that’s exactly what it is. Your political rhetoric directly aids and abets those who deny people basic civil liberties.

        We were NOT founded on Christianity but on freedom. You don’t have a right to force your Bronze Age belief systems on anyone else.

      • Thank you, Andrew. I appreciate your two cents. But sir, to say that I am forcing anything on you is to assume that your opinion on this matter was the norm for the last 200+ years in this country. I am the one being forced to change.

  5. Jon B

    The call against Chick-fil-a hasn’t been made because a man is faithful to his religion. It’s been made because that man has donated $<1.8 million to groups that openly condemn the love of roughly 1/10th of our global population, for whatever reason.

    Christianity didn't invent marriage. It also doesn't hold a religious monopoly on marital rites. Homosexuals aren't looking for your approval or the approval of your religion. They're just trying to live their lives free of oppression and harassment, a right that everyone in our country should have. Christians can still be Christians without hindering the rest of society's progress.

    I say "hindering society's progress" because much of the LGBT community lives in fear. They have to worry about staying safe, fitting in, avoiding societal backlash in the form of psychological or physical violence. This takes away from all the time they could be spending focused on school, arts, sports, community, etc and also leads to a vast spectrum of trauma and, in the saddest cases, suicide. Even if your humanity doesn't understand that appeal, think about it this way: the next Einstein or Aristotle could be gay. Turin, the inventor of the computer, was gay. And look at where we are now. Moreover, think of what we could accomplish as a country when we scratch "human equality" off of our to-do list.

    Buying chicken sandwiches for people attending the CFA Kiss-In will just add fuel to this fire. I fear your intentions, since you've stated in a public forum that they're "the pluralistic, post-modern, hedonistic, amoral segment of society." I can't express how far from the truth that is. I can express that what want to do with that $100 is just like saying all of those things right to their faces. Maybe, instead of buying them the product they're protesting, you could sit down and get to know them. Don't preach to them, ask them about their lives and how they met. I guarantee you'll be speaking to some of the bravest people you've ever encountered; people that found love within a society that fears and vilifies them because it doesn't understand one miniscule aspect of their lives. If you truly seek to love people as Jesus did, learn to accept them–not tolerate them.

    I hope you come around sooner rather than later, my friend. The stand you're making (behind a corporate food chain, of all things) isn't doing anybody any good, least of all Jesus, who is losing a lot of credibility on account of his angrier, more repressive followers.

    • Well, Jon, thanks for your comment, too. May I ask a question or two? How do you come up with 1/10th of the global population? And besides, what does the the global population’s beliefs have to do with what is right or wrong? Is right and wrong something that’s decided by vote? What might be legal, yes, but right and wrong?

      The point of me going to the Chick-fil-A today is to point out that it is not an issue of Christians hating gays. If I hated them the last thing I would do is go there and offer to buy their lunch. What’s more, I have sat down and talked with gays. I have a lesbian friend that actually lived with us for a few months when she had nowhere else to go.

      But one thing, among others, that bothers me about all you said is that there is the assumption (at least one) that homosexuality is no different than heterosexuality. There is a difference. There are societal ramifications. And, if homosexuality is to be accepted carte blanche all because of the feeling of those active in that lifestyle, what about the feelings of those with other definitions of marriage, family, and loving relationships? Are we going to stop with gays and lesbians? Is this where it ends? Not according to reality TV. The next sexual revolution, according to Showtime, is just around the corner, and it has nothing to do with homosexuality.

      Lastly, when is the LGBT folks going to start calling for independence from Arab oil? They kill gays over there, you know. Talk about intolerance.

      • Jon B

        Sorry for lack of reference:

        The scientific study “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male” by Indiana University researchers Alfred C. Kinsey, Wardell B. Pomeroy, and Clyde E. Martin reported that 37% of males had homosexual experiences, but this figure includes incidental homosexual experience. The study reported 10% of males being more or less exclusively homosexual.

        Subsequent studies such as “The Janus Report on Sexual Behavior” by researchers Samuel S. Janus and Cynthia L. Janus & “Homosexuality / Heterosexuality” by researchers David P. McWhirter, Stephanie A. Sanders, and June Machover Reinisch reported the exclusively homosexual male population to be 9% & 13.95% respectively, which supports the Indiana University findings of 10%, or 1 in 10.

        Most of what I’ve read about it leans towards the “1 in 10” persuasion.

        This global statistic reflects the ubiquity of homosexuality regardless of culture, and I use the global scale because Christianity is a world religion. I assume that denouncing homosexuals in one part of the world means you’d denounce them in all others. Right and wrong is neither determined by popular vote or religion. I define the moral sense of “right” as an action or behavioral pattern that improves or propagates the well-being of an individual and his or her peers, community, and environment. So, according to my definition, standing up for a tenth of the world is right, whereas holding their sexuality against them is wrong.

        I’m glad to hear that you going to the CFA Kiss-In to extend the olive branch, but buying CFA for people opposed to CFA will be counter productive in that endeavor. Taking KFC to them would mean you were solidly on their side. Just sitting down with them would reinforce the neutral stance I’m assuming you wish to achieve.

        There is no substantial difference between homosexuality and heterosexuality. Homosexuals lead very similar lives as heterosexuals. The social ramifications are exactly what Andrew and I are trying to eliminate. Homosexuality exists in several mammalian species and is accepted in all of their societal structures. These include lions, giraffes, chimpanzees, and even dolphins (one of the only other species on the planet intelligent enough to have recreational sex).

        Like I said before, the LGBT community isn’t looking for approval by the Christian community. Their rights aren’t an infringement on yours. When LGBT marital rights are granted, the Christian community will still be allowed to uphold their definition of marriage, love, and the family.

        The idea of contemporary Christian marriage isn’t being threatened at all by homosexuality. In fact, heterosexual divorce rates would demonstrate that the gay community is the least of your worries if this is about the sanctity of your religious marital values.

        I’m not familiar with the Shotime reference you’re making. I traded cable television for physics books a few months ago. I can tell you that humanity has existed for hundreds of thousands of years and the concept of marriage has only been introduced in the last few 10,000. We as a species haven’t changed genetically in that time span (there is roughly a .5% genetic difference between each race), so poly-amorous reproduction and societal rearing of our offspring is, in fact, the long-standing human norm. A sexual revolution meriting the ire of Christianity would actually be a return to our roots.

        We may not be on the same page concerning our homosexual brothers and sisters, but I firmly believe in monogamy. However, that doesn’t justify me in saying that other people can’t practice polygamy, orgiastic mating, or any other form of copulation because I, like you, am no better than any other person.

        Your last point, about the oil, resonates with me. Homosexuals are killed in other parts of the world. So are Christians, Muslims, Hindi, regional tribes, indigenous peoples, foreign tourists, children, women, etc. It’s our duty as Americans to create a refuge from those actions, not partake in them. We should be the shining example of a society in which all belief systems, creeds, races, etc can not only coexist, but flourish. Standing against homosexuals is counter productive to what America actual stands for: human progress.

      • Very quickly, because I am pressed for time…

        Just because people do a thing does not make that thing “right.” Practically 100% of all humans would probably admit to lying, lust, stealing, etc., but would that justify those actions?

        You have a radically different world view than me. Your definition of what is “right” is subjective and based on whatever you deem good for a community. On the other hand, I believe in absolute, transcendent truth which objectively declares what is “right.”

        When it comes to the basic differences between homosexuality and heterosexuality, the differences are not small, but profound. Can same-sex humans reproduce? If left alone and to themselves, could you maintain a race of homosexuals, or would they eventually die out? A living thing is primarily defined as something which can reproduce. Same-sex humans, regardless of starfish, cannot maintain the human race, therefore it is necessarily unnatural, feelings, inclinations, and desires aside.

        Rest assured, Jon, I do not hate any homosexual, but I do believe, and always will, that the act of sex outside of marriage is a sin, along with any sex that is not reserved for the enjoyment of a man and woman in covenant together.

        Again, thank you for taking the time to voice your beliefs. You’re always welcome to do so, but don’t always count on me responding to every comment, that’s all.

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  7. Cara

    I went on August 1st for a few reasons. 1) Chick-fil-a has been an extremely giving company in my area, giving free meals to evacuated people, meals to emergency workers, and having food drives (a free sandwich for 2 non-perishable items given to Care and Share) just in the last month. 2) The attack on free speech wasn’t so much that I had a problem with people boycotting and protesting the restaurant. The problem I had was with mayors and other people in power saying “You can’t built here” and violating free speech in that way. BTW, the ACLU agrees that it was a violation of free speech, and that’s why some of the mayors backed off a bit. I’m all for folks protesting and boycotting. I’m not for people using their power as elected officials to try and restrict free-speech and punish ‘unacceptable’ beliefs.

    Just thought you’d like to know, quite a few of the Chick-Fil-A’s went out with lemonade, water, and some even gave free sandwiches to the protesters. Not one of them seemed to have called the cops for loitering, told them to leave, or anything like that. There were a few gay activists who acted hatefully (for instance, some wrote derogatory words around a man sitting and reading his bible…), as well as vandalism, but not from Chick-fil-a. Yup. Hateful company there.

    As far as Chick-Fil-A’s donations, nearly all of the donations are to groups that have marriage retreats and work on strengthening marriages, but emphasize on biblican heterosexual marriages. These groups also donate to less savory causes, but from interviews we can assume that it’s for these marriage retreats and strengthening marriage purposes that the donations usually happen. I’d like to see even these figures balanced against OTHER things they donate to. Like our library reading program, a gay pride parade in the NE, a recent ‘father-son’ campout where I live, and more and more and more. If you’re going to judge on what they donate to, then you’re saying everything they donate to (including that pride parade) should not be donated to. For the record, there’s a lot of misinformation going around about their donations. For instance, the amount given to Winshape (the main charity that Chick-Fil-A gives to) doesn’t even add up to covering their foster homes and camps for at risk kids.

    More complete studies give about a 2-5% for the incidence of homosexuality, with even less than 2% being more widely accepted. 10% is a grossly inflated number and just because gay populations are far smaller doesn’t mean that they’re going to be discriminated against, but it’s no where near the ‘1 in 10’ bologna.

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  9. Why are so few people talking about the fact that all these “loving people who love gays” aren’t picketing any Muslim establishments, or having kiss-ins at the local Muslim owned businesses that openly speak their “hate and intolerance” for gays? It’s not about chicken, folks and it’s not about gays.

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