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Funny Freaky Fractured Friday Facts


My apologies to all those who have sent me awards. Even though I have appreciated them, I have never found the energy to follow through with all the demands: list this or that; link to all the best blogs with under 15 followers; reveal ten things about your feet; etc.

Therefore, in honor of all those who have bestowed upon this blog some generous and well-meaning widget, I will list some facts about me and this Friday (today) that were heretofore unknown.

Again, my apologies, both for the past and what you are about to read.

Just the Facts

  1. I am wearing shorts, but my knees are cold.
  2. I am wearing a shirt that a friend was going to throw away, but I thought he was an idiot, so I kept it. That could make me a dumpster-diving bum, but, in reality, I stole from what he wanted me to take to charity. Sue me.
  3. My wife gave me 30 minutes of un-interrupted time to write this post.
  4. I ticked off my daughter for informing her that I, the father, the one who puts a roof over her head, has the dadgum right to filter what musical trash she desires to pipe in. Again, sue me.
  5. I hate pimento cheese, but my daughter loves it. I made a sandwich for her, on toasted bread, cut it into four squares, and then sprinkled them with red pepper. She’s not as ticked any more.
  6. I am totally looking forward to preaching through the book of Acts!
  7. I know there is a jar of peanut butter in this house, but I can’t find it! And that makes me angry! There are times when a man just needs a peanut butter sandwich, dang it!
  8. I indoctrinate my children, and I’m proud of it – it’s called loving them.
  9. I am a very nice guy, but I could snap in an instant. I might even be looking for an excuse.
  10. I have a problem with comparing myself with others whom I deem more successful, but I’m working on it.
  11. I still have six minutes to work on this post.
  12. Yesterday was an emotionally difficult day, but what else is Thursday good for? Today is better, thank God!
  13. At this moment I am sitting here thinking about how many more of these points I should make, along with how this must be boring whomever is reading this. I will take it to 15 and quit.
  14. I ate a left-over cheese burger made with 90% lean Angus beef. My wife grilled them the other day, so they needed to be eaten. Essentially, I ate almost/but not quite need-to-be-thrown-away hamburger.
  15. I need new tennis shoes – these have holes in them – but that won’t keep me from walking with the Lord.

Have a great weekend, everybody! War a good warfare, keep the faith, and leave this life having a clear conscience and no regrets (1 Timothy 1:18-19).


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