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Hello, Canada! Eh? (updated)

This morning I want to send a shout out to all my Canadian friends. Hey guys! 

When I go to the stats page, I find more visits from you polite Canadians than any other country besides the States!

That’s awesome, eh?

As a matter of fact, Pastor Chris Jordan (a Canadian) helped a great deal in writing our commentary posts on Proverbial Thought. 

So, you friendly maple leafs (leaves?), why not leave a comment and tell us what God is doing in the Great White North? Is there still a French problem?

One of my favorite movie quotes of all time… “No point in steering now.” LOL!

Thanks for your syrup, your kindness, and for reading my blog!

Seriously, God bless you!

(and the Doug and Bob vids were in love, not meant to offend)

I want to express my sincerest condolences to the people of Canada, along with an apology. When I first published this post, I was not aware of the Canadian connection to the downed airliner in Iran (I do not have live TV).  Had I known that in advance, I would not have published the silly stereotype videos, but would have kept things more serious. 

Again, my apologies for not knowing sooner, and my condolences to the families and your nation.


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1000th Subscriber

1000 FollowersWoo Hoo!

Guess what, everybody? Just the other day this blog reached a major milestone – 1000 subscribers! Isn’t that cool?

It wasn’t that long ago – actually it was in October of 2011 – that I was doing all I could to come up with 100 subscribers. Can you believe that was the beginning of Mr. Monkey and the Monday Monkey segments?

Meet Muriel

Say hello to Muriel Debroy! Miss 1000!

This lovely Canadian real estate agent and food expert became my 1000th subscriber, and I am so proud to introduce her.

Muriel DebroyI talked with Muriel, today. She was kind enough to allow me to publish her picture and say a bunch of great stuff about her. The sad part is that I was about to go into a meeting when she returned my call, so I couldn’t talk long. But, even though we didn’t get to talk long, I found out that…

  1. She can call me cheaper than I can call her. International calls can get expensive!
  2. She deals with real estate, and Canada has a lot of that.
  3. People don’t know how to cook, but she’s the go-to woman for that problem. Sorry guys, she’s married.

Make sure you check out her website. I’m know she’ll appreciate it.


Seriously, I want to thank all of my subscribers. Each one of you is a blessing, including the ones of whom I have no blooming idea why you read this blog (and you know who you are).

I hope all of you understand that I appreciate you and care about you. That is why I write what I write. May you be encouraged, challenged, strengthened, enlightened, and ultimately pointed towards a greater understanding of what it means to live a life of grace.

It’s only 1000 subscribers, not 10,000 or a million, but I’m still blessed.

To God be the glory; great things He has done.


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15 Awesome Quotes on Preaching (by Chris Jordan)

Today I was fortunate to cross paths with a brother in Christ, Chris Jordan. He is a pastor and author in Canada.

This post of his is worth reading, especially if you are one of those who stand behind a pulpit each week. I was convicted by several of the 15 quotes he included.



15 Awesome Quotes on Preaching.

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