Hello, Canada! Eh? (updated)

This morning I want to send a shout out to all my Canadian friends. Hey guys! 

When I go to the stats page, I find more visits from you polite Canadians than any other country besides the States!

That’s awesome, eh?

As a matter of fact, Pastor Chris Jordan (a Canadian) helped a great deal in writing our commentary posts on Proverbial Thought. 

So, you friendly maple leafs (leaves?), why not leave a comment and tell us what God is doing in the Great White North? Is there still a French problem?

One of my favorite movie quotes of all time… “No point in steering now.” LOL!

Thanks for your syrup, your kindness, and for reading my blog!

Seriously, God bless you!

(and the Doug and Bob vids were in love, not meant to offend)

I want to express my sincerest condolences to the people of Canada, along with an apology. When I first published this post, I was not aware of the Canadian connection to the downed airliner in Iran (I do not have live TV).  Had I known that in advance, I would not have published the silly stereotype videos, but would have kept things more serious. 

Again, my apologies for not knowing sooner, and my condolences to the families and your nation.


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16 responses to “Hello, Canada! Eh? (updated)

  1. Well, Bob and Doug haven’t been a thing since the 80’s and it was a reflection of the debauchery from the Left anti-Christ crowd.

    Us Canadians are mad because Iran is a terrorist group. Our lefties are blaming trump for killing that terrorist and our Prime minister has no spine.

    All those people that died on that plane are victims of politicians fighting each other, the difference being Iran targets civilians and so that doesn’t matter to our Canadian Politicians. They use it as a photo Op to cry a bit and shrug.

    Canadians are polite to a point, and we learned better than Americans to turn the other cheek, unfortunately to well. Prevention of future problems means wiping out Irans Military. And even though Canadians with no limbs were blown up by road side bombs made by Iran, Our Gov’t doesn’t care. And that make me angry.

    So maybe that is why the Left drinks so much. They cant be honest about being responsible and gargle shame.

  2. Hi Anthony, I was kind of hesitant on responding, after watching those classic videos that supposedly showcase Canadian culture. Thinking it’s pretty close to the “Babylon Bee” without the Christian connotation. Not to worry, I understand what you said and the videos you featured were in jest. And to answer your question, reference are the French still a problem? No more than every other nationality within our borders, including white Caucasians, which is, in itself, is a term of generalization that is subject to different interruptions. So, with that in mind, how’s things going with you folks? Blessings my friend.

  3. Stephen

    Bruce’s comment is more in line with who Canadians are.
    The Hoax man is suffering from tea party envy. He represents more of a certain segment of American mentality. Possibly a bit of a hoser himself.

  4. I just re read your thread. Thanks, not that I had anyone on that flight, but that many were Canadian really stinks. Families and students and just normal people Obviously many Iranians.
    I don’t know if you knew, this is not the first time this sort of thing happened.
    June 23, 1985 – 268 Canadians died when a bomb exploded on board an Air India flight over the Atlantic Ocean. The plane had been en route from Montreal to London.

    Terrorism is pretty filthy. And their is no need for this sort of thing.

  5. In a news conference in Ottawa, Champagne revised the number of Canadian citizens believed to have been aboard the plane to 57 from the figure of 63 initially provided by Ukrainian authorities. He said the new number is based on more careful cross-checking of travel documents, birthdates and other information.

    The Canadian Press has independently confirmed at least 74 victims with ties to Canada, many of them students at Canadian universities. The Tehran-Kyiv route has been an inexpensive first leg of a trip from Iran to Canada.

    The dead also included citizens of Iran, Ukraine, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Afghanistan and Germany.
    – from Huff Post.

  6. The crash claimed the lives of 176 people, including 138 who the government says were bound for Canada. – Huff Post.

    • Stephen

      It’s really sad Scott, every thing about it.
      Ultimately the blame lies who ever is responsible, wether the Iranian commanders or the trigger happy soldier. Moving from this point should be a calculated response and not eye for an eye or life for a life un calculated response.
      We as pawns in satans civilization are not privy to all that happens. We actually have no clue as to sheer evil that runs this world. Anyone who thinks there’s any difference between any political party has the discernment of a trusting infant. They’re two sides of the same shekle.
      The lesser of two evils, is still evil. Getting your panties in a bunch over politics is unbecoming of a Christian, unless of course you prefer Barabass.

      • Hi Stephen. The motives of many politicians are the same. Lots of them are simply there for the paycheck and not for the people and do not have the leadership or ability they suggest when they campaign for the job.
        There is a few serious differences between parties. Abortion is an issue, Respect for God is another, respect for Christians, Smaller Gov’t. and the one that matters here is the view a bigger gun wins. We all believe in fairness, we all believe in transportation and humanity with slight differences but Republicans more than Dems can be trusted with the military. The Dems are more inward with the military and the Republicans are more outward. .

        My view is clean up. Wipe out the military of Iran and just do it to remove their threat. That doesn’t need to be about revenge, just dangerous surgery to help the world.

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