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The Magnificent Fifty: Foundation of Faith (California)

Sacramento, California (Artist: Susan Cassidy Wilhoit)

California Supreme Court (1980)

Freedom of Religion is so fundamental to American history that it must be preserved even at the expense of other rights which have become institutionalized by the Democratic process.

Devin Walker v. First Orthodox Presbyterian Church, 760-028.9

To read the “introduction” to this series, CLICK HERE.

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4 Reasons to Support “Calexit”

From “Yes California” to CFC

I have heard rumors that something was going on in California. Not too long ago I heard of a group that was trying to get enough votes stirred up to have California leave the Union and form its own nation. Well, that group has now folded, but for some very ironic reasons.

Just today the news came out that the leader of a group called “Yes California” had quit and was now relocating to Russia. Evidently Louis Marinelli, the former president of the group, is leaving California AND America because of “frustration, disappointment and disillusionment with the United States” (see attached article).

What I find very odd is that the people from “Yes California” are now going to be joining up with another group, the “California Freedom Coalition,” which is a group that was founded partly in protest of Donald Trump. Isn’t it ironic that these people’s former leader had Russian ties and thinks it’s better to live in Russia, yet the people that protest Trump do so because of his supposed ties to Russia? This is making my head spin.

Anyway, because the rest of the nation is not like California, there is a bunch of Californians determined to secede, and I’m all for it. Seriously! I mean, if Salon.com can see the good in it, why not me?

“An independent California isn’t that wacky of an Idea.” – Salon.com

4 Reasons

You may think I am joking – and you’d have good reason to think that – but I’m almost positively  serious about this. I think there are four absolutely wonderful reasons why we should support California breaking away – or at least attempting to – from the United States of America.

ONE: There are a lot of good people in California, and I’d hate for us as a nation to lose them. So, as it was in the American Civil War, a California secession would most certainly result in many good, hard-working, conservative, drug-free citizens moving across the border into the eastern 47. That would leave the vast majority of fruits, nuts, crazies, etc. attempting to run their own weaponless Utopia. Call it “separating the sheep from the goats.”

TWO: Just like with the Civil war of the 1860’s, Californians should be persuaded to secede against the will of Congress, and the people, and demand the United States government and its military try to stop them. This would be fantastic! The battle would practically be won without a shot! Of course, there will be liberal politicians there whose armed body guards will be compelled to fight; and there will be the usual drug cartels and pornography kingpins with hired soldiers surrounding them; but for the most part the whole state will be defenseless thanks to its anti-gun legislation. Think about it, Californians could finally come to see the real reason behind the Second Amendment they hate so much.

THREE: Because Californians will lose any and all armed conflict, especially since their citizenry is only experienced in marching, the “rebellions” will be quickly squashed. What rebels are not deported to Mexico or Cuba by President Trump will be forced to work in order to pay retribution. I support the whole “Calexit” thing because in the event of their loss, we could do what the Union did to us in the South after the Civil War: send in the Carpet Baggers! Doing so would allow us to redistribute California wealth in order to pay for their stupidity.

FOUR: Lastly, California secession would be worth supporting for one big reason, if no other: Impending Calamity. I mean, should California be allowed to secede for real, then think of the money we as a nation could save when California falls into the Pacific! No obligation to send Federal disaster aid!

There you have it. I think it’s a WIN-WIN for all involved, no matter how it turns out!



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Thursday Thoughts

Today is January 2 (or 2 January, if you prefer), 2014. It is a cold, rainy day in Chattanooga, Tennessee, yet I have already been out and walked a mile and a half before my first cup of coffee. No resolutions – just doing what needs to be done.


Today is also Thursday…the day after Wednesday…the day before Friday…but I am not going to break out into a Rebecca Black song (although I know you want me to). No, I am going to keep my singing to myself; only my written voice will be heard.

Thursday is a day that is not quite the end of the week, but on the downhill slide from Wednesday, the middle of the week. Nothing much happens on Thursday, does it? Thursday feels like a “filler” used to make the week complete.

New Stuff

So, since it’s been a long while since I started any new series of posts, I figure why not make Thursday my random thought day? Why not make Thursday – that innocuous, boring, non-essential filler – the day when I speak my mind about whatever has been in the news that week and tick off a whole bunch of liberals? Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

Why don’t we start with some random thoughts about family?

  • Carlos and Rebecca (my sister) Gomes

    Carlos and Rebecca (my sister) Gomes

    My sister (yes, I have a sister) lives in Germany and is married to a German. Therefore, I have a German brother-in-law, which is strange to think about in the light of the memory that I used to pretend to fight Germans while playing “army” as a child. I wonder what he thinks of George S. Patton?

  • One of my daughters is going to college (away from home) next year, and that leaves me in a perpetual bad mood.
  • All of my daughters like boys – which is good – but it makes my perpetually bad mood more dangerous, especially when they start talking about invitations and cake.

Here are some thoughts of mine regarding new laws that go into effect this week:

  • real light bulbDoing away with incandescent light bulbs is completely asinine.
  • Allowing boys and girls in California to choose which restrooms and locker rooms they wish to use is a recipe for sexual disaster and evidence that a perverted, sick, debauched spirit is behind an agenda to destroy the fabric of moral society. And if it is now law in California, don’t think it won’t be proposed in your own state.
  • A couple of states have now legalized the recreational use of marijuana. Now all the potheads can pack up and move from Tennessee! If we could only get Washington and Oregon to legalize crack cocaine and Meth, our whole drug-using community would head west!
  • I have not purchased Obamacare.


I am going to try to read more this year, and one book that I have already started and will finish before the end of next week is The Measure of Our Success: An Impassioned Plea to Pastors (by Shawn Lovejoy). My wife saw this book on the shelf in a discount store. It only cost $5, so if it is not all that great I won’t be out much. However, from what I have already read, the author makes some painful and convicting observations.

the measure of our successThe idea of the book is that we pastors need to quit gauging our success by anything or anyone other than what God has planned for our particular ministries. Here’s an intriguing quote from page 23: “I am more convinced than ever before that most churches are not supposed to be large.” What do you think about that?

Enough for Today

Well, I could keep going and going and going, but I am already up to 602 words, and hardly anyone will read a blog post this long unless they are stalkers, true fans, or looking for something incriminating.

Check back next Thursday, if not before, to see what’s on my mind (or driving me crazy). 

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Bathroom Battle Plan?

Times A’Chang’n

Did you hear about the new law in California? Governor Jerry Brown signed AB1266 into law and made California the first state (?) in the country to allow children to decide which restroom, locker room, or shower room they want to use – regardless of gender.

Yes, if little Billy feels like he wants to be a little Sally, he can decide to use the girls’ showers after he plays on the Lady Lion’s volley ball team. If little Suzie wants to be a little Bobby, she can squat at a urinal along side the other “guys.” It’s all up to how the child in question views his or her (or whatever fits the mood) self.

Things NOT Changing

My girls have always been taught to watch out for perverts and predators. In any other situation, if a boy were to enter a place where girls were indecent he would get arrested. My girls would never scream at a man on the street, even if he was dressed as a woman. However, if that man were to walk into the bathroom, they’d scream their heads off. Unfortunately, in today’s climate that would be considered discrimination. As a matter of fact, San Fransisco Assemblyman Tony Ammiano’s office issued a statement that read, “Discomfort is not an excuse for discrimination.

Go ahead, boys, walk into her bathroom and you’ll learn what “extreme prejudice” really means.

Well, even though the laws might be changing, what I teach my daughters won’t: boys are boys and girls are girls. If a boy walks into a locker room or shower when my girls are there, they have the right, if not obligation, to save the boy the expense of a sex-change operation.

And here is something else, boys of all ages and shades of makeup. If…IF you decide to enter my daughters’ locker room while they are exposed, and IF they don’t permanently deprive you of the ability to reproduce, I WILL! I don’t care if you think you are a girl, or not. I WILL discriminate, and I WILL make you VERY uncomfortable.

NOTE: Save the hate mail. I’m not even going to allow it. It’s my blog, my daughters, and I’m not going to stand for this ungodly lunacy.


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