Bathroom Battle Plan?

Times A’Chang’n

Did you hear about the new law in California? Governor Jerry Brown signed AB1266 into law and made California the first state (?) in the country to allow children to decide which restroom, locker room, or shower room they want to use – regardless of gender.

Yes, if little Billy feels like he wants to be a little Sally, he can decide to use the girls’ showers after he plays on the Lady Lion’s volley ball team. If little Suzie wants to be a little Bobby, she can squat at a urinal along side the other “guys.” It’s all up to how the child in question views his or her (or whatever fits the mood) self.

Things NOT Changing

My girls have always been taught to watch out for perverts and predators. In any other situation, if a boy were to enter a place where girls were indecent he would get arrested. My girls would never scream at a man on the street, even if he was dressed as a woman. However, if that man were to walk into the bathroom, they’d scream their heads off. Unfortunately, in today’s climate that would be considered discrimination. As a matter of fact, San Fransisco Assemblyman Tony Ammiano’s office issued a statement that read, “Discomfort is not an excuse for discrimination.

Go ahead, boys, walk into her bathroom and you’ll learn what “extreme prejudice” really means.

Well, even though the laws might be changing, what I teach my daughters won’t: boys are boys and girls are girls. If a boy walks into a locker room or shower when my girls are there, they have the right, if not obligation, to save the boy the expense of a sex-change operation.

And here is something else, boys of all ages and shades of makeup. If…IF you decide to enter my daughters’ locker room while they are exposed, and IF they don’t permanently deprive you of the ability to reproduce, I WILL! I don’t care if you think you are a girl, or not. I WILL discriminate, and I WILL make you VERY uncomfortable.

NOTE: Save the hate mail. I’m not even going to allow it. It’s my blog, my daughters, and I’m not going to stand for this ungodly lunacy.


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13 responses to “Bathroom Battle Plan?

  1. Thank you so much for standing up for what you believe! I feel if more of us did this then this world would be a better and safer place. We as Christians must not sit quiet and allow our rights to be taken away from us slowly. We must stand up for morality! God bless you friend!

  2. Phoenix passed a similar law earlier this year. Yet, we can get in trouble for entering an opposite restroom in schools unless there is an obvious emergency. (Not “will get in trouble” but “can”)

  3. I respect you for standing up for what you think is right. This was informative too!! Thank you.

  4. Right there with ya! Agree 100%

  5. The craziness seems to know no bounds.

  6. Your future sons-in-law are going to need to be very brave, tough men. Good for you!

  7. Amen. And coming soon to other states, undoubtedly. I seem to recall that another state enacted a similar law relating to public restrooms a couple years ago – but it did not extend into the schools, and churches were exempt. I don’t know if that one ever got overturned.

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