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I’m Going to Do a 4-Day Auction!

To begin with, I just want to say that I am blessed beyond measure. I have a beautiful and forgiving wife, daughters who don’t hate me, and even son-in-laws who are each cool in their own ways.

On top of that, the church where I pastor is a beautiful place, the people are stellar, and the community is one where I’d be happy to retire.

AND, what’s more, God has been blessing us, encouraging us, and reviving our people in the local churches! We are getting more excited and fired up every day, for even though there will be trials and tribulations in the future, no victory ever comes without a battle, YET…

I’m looking forward to victory after victory!

That being said, this post is not about all the above; that was just me praising God 🙂

This post is about the fact that I am going to be offering up four pieces of my art as I auction them off online. It won’t be like eBay, but there won’t be any fees, either!

Check out the YouTube video I made this morning and stay tuned starting tomorrow!

The auctioning will primarily take place on Facebook, but you can offer a bid on YouTube as well. I’ll do my best to keep everyone posted as to what the current bids are.

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Should We Celebrate Christmas?

Sunday evening I shared some interesting things with our congregation at Bethlehem Baptist. They were reasons why some people choose not to celebrate the Christmas holiday.

Now, I’m no historian, so if you find fault with any of my research, you are welcome to correct me, especially when it comes to Oliver Cromwell and English history. However, I think what I shared in this sermon regarding the history of Christmas and why some oppose the holiday is pretty accurate.

If you’re interested, take a few moments to listen to the sermon linked below and let me know what you think.

Click on the picture to listen to the sermon.


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Pre-Weekend Update

I really envy those who can find the time to write every single day on their blogs. You don’t know how much I have longed to sit down to my faithful keyboard and empty my knowledge-filled brain (well, not all my brain). At this point I am not even typing on a keyboard, just my iPhone.

Tonight, I will write more. My computer will be back up and operational, so that will help. For now, because I have to pay for said computer, I must head off to drive the famous school bus. If you read this in time, pray – it is a Friday.

Stay Tuned!

As a teaser, be looking for a story dealing with animals in Romania – animals that leap from the trees and kill you if you don’t make the right sounds. I’ve been wanting to share this “true-life” story for a while.

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