Pre-Weekend Update

I really envy those who can find the time to write every single day on their blogs. You don’t know how much I have longed to sit down to my faithful keyboard and empty my knowledge-filled brain (well, not all my brain). At this point I am not even typing on a keyboard, just my iPhone.

Tonight, I will write more. My computer will be back up and operational, so that will help. For now, because I have to pay for said computer, I must head off to drive the famous school bus. If you read this in time, pray – it is a Friday.

Stay Tuned!

As a teaser, be looking for a story dealing with animals in Romania – animals that leap from the trees and kill you if you don’t make the right sounds. I’ve been wanting to share this “true-life” story for a while.

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One response to “Pre-Weekend Update

  1. Anonymous

    I completely understand! I used to be one that would post every day (although sometimes, I wrote them early and scheduled them to post), but I barely have any time now! 🙂

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