Emma’s Birthday (and a guest post from a daughter)

Hey, folks! Check it out!

Today is my granddaughter Emma’s first birthday! Yay Emma!

But what I wanted to do for you (and her) is share what our daughter Alicia wrote on her Facebook page. I believe you will be blessed (and she won’t mind).

But let me tell you what, her first birthday party was the event of the year in Charleston, SC! I shudder to think what her Sweet 16 will be like!

But again, I hope you’re blessed with Alicia’s story.

One year ago today a beautiful baby girl was born into this world. Due to her prematurity she would be rushed to the NICU where she was cared for by amazing nurses and doctors. There she thrived with the love and nurture of strangers for ten days until we were chosen to be her parents. On January 16th, 2019 we got a call that flipped our world upside down and the journey it set us on has been amazing. We had waited so long to adopt that I was beginning to wonder if it would ever happen for us. I never should have doubted God because he taught me a huge (and expensive) lesson on patience and trust.

The day we met her there was a very special nurse that watched us from afar as we cried and held our little girl for the first time. She later came to us and told us that she had been rocking her earlier that evening and praying over her. You see, she did not know at that time that her birth mother had chosen adoption for her. All she knew was the circumstances of her birth and that she had not had any visitors for ten days. She later told us that the very day we came to meet Emma was the day she had been rocking and praying over her. She prayed for God to do something special in her life and to watch over her. To bring her love and a good home. Little did she know that God would provide just that the very same day! Not only did we cry seeing her that night, but this angel of a nurse said she cried too watching from afar as we met our daughter for the first time. Whew! That still makes me all wet eyed!

For seven weeks we went back and forth to the hospital every day to see our sweet girl. We fed her, cuddled her, bathed her and cherished our quiet time bonding with her. We were ecstatic to take her home the day after Valentines Day. We were nervous, but embraced parenthood. It has been about ten months since we brought her home. Ten blissful months. Yes, there was fighting, crying and exhaustion. We had a hard time adjusting to the roles of a working mom and a stay at home dad busy with school, but we did it. Somehow together we got through it and we wouldn’t have done it any other way. I wouldn’t trade those moments for anything in the world.. we finally have a baby girl!

She has grown to be so fun, loving and so very sweet. The way she gets excited when her daddy walks into the room warms my heart and the way she looks for me across the room when she is starting to get nervous makes me melt. This feeling must be motherhood and I love it! I thank God for choosing us to be her parents and for entrusting us with her life. Happy First Birthday sweet Emma Lou! We love you so very much and are so excited to share our life with you!!!

Image may contain: 3 people, including Alicia Westbrook, people smiling, people standing

Alicia, Emma, and Josh Westbrook. I’m proud of all three of them!


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5 responses to “Emma’s Birthday (and a guest post from a daughter)

  1. Praise Jesus for these loving parents who have taken this daughter, to love, train in the way of the Lord, and introduce to Jesus Christ through actions and words, through sickness and health, through childhood and teen years. Father God, Bless them abundantly, give them wisdom and patience, shown through Your Love. Thank you for this family Father, as it was You who prearranged the timing, and their readiness for this daughter to be placed in their family.
    Father, I thank You for the Love the Birth Mother also showed, whatever situation she was in, that she gave birth to this lovely baby girl that You created, and You Love, and realized the best situation would be for this precious little girl to be raised by another Mother and Father.
    Holy Spirit, draw this precious girl to our Lord Jesus at a young age. Protect her through life with the Blood of Jesus, and a Hedge Of Protection around her. May she hear Your voice at a young age, and serve Jesus Christ, using the gifts You gave place within her since conception.
    We give You Praise Father, and thank You.

  2. Valerie

    Awe. And to think I saw this first on your blog and not from Alicia herself!!

    Happy Birthday, Precious Baby Emmy Lou!! I guess you are an official new toddler, but know you will always be our baby no matter the age. My heart melted when I saw you. I was so happy for your Mama and Daddy because they yearned and prayed for you so long.

    As the months have quickly passed us buy, you have clinched my heart strings tighter and tighter. So many memories that are very precious. I know we are going to make more and more. I love you so very much.

    Love, Grancie

  3. Stephen

    Absolutely beautiful, every aspect. Thanks for sharing Anthony.
    Much Peace and Love to all of you in the name of Jesus Christ. May He fill all your cups overflowing with His precious Living waters.

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