My God Is Faithful, So Let’s Go to Church!

I am going to church this morning. Yep, that’s what I’m gonna do.

I’m not going as one who wants to show off…as one who wants to be seen…as one who deserves any kind of blessing, healing, or anointing…as one who deserves anything at all.

I’m not going because it’s expected of me, even though it is – I’m the pastor, you know.

I’m not going to prove anything to anyone, especially God, because He knows my heart; He knows me better than I know myself.

I am going to church this morning because my God is faithful, despite my unfaithfulness.

I am going to church this morning because my God deserved to be praised by me in front of others, because I love Him, and I’m not ashamed.

I am going to church this morning. Are you?


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12 responses to “My God Is Faithful, So Let’s Go to Church!

  1. Yes. I, too, am “going to church.” For the reasons you list above, as well as to devote ourselves to “the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.” (Acts 2:42) I might add that the reason I put it in quotes is that our church, on alternate Sundays, meets in homes, which we call being “scattered.” The other Sundays, we meet at a local YMCA for a “gathered” time, all together. So, today, I am going to a house church meeting.

    • Hey, the YMCA has a HUGE baptismal pool, so I’ve heard 😉

    • Stephen

      Many many cults are based on the words contained in the bible so I don’t think extra biblical account is required in order to represent an image of Jesus Christ.
      As for testing the spirits, prayer and patience, everything must be filtered through the Spirit of God.
      I’ve believed IN and trusted God. For 40 years I knew I had a conscience and sometimes followed it. It was till I was 40 years old that Jesus Christ revealed Himself to me and taught me that in fact, my conscience was Him speaking to me. He also has been showing how He Loved me first
      From a young age I seen my mother overcome many struggles and obstacles with her simple belief that all things happen for a reason and that God knows what He’s doing.
      My dad, always encouraged us to pray and be thankful. No bibles, no church, just faith in God.
      After reading the bible 5 times cover to cover, I still wasn’t sure who Jesus was, but He had mercy on me and revealed to me, the scriptures are accurate in their testimony of who He IS.
      Much like Peter, flesh and blood did not reveal it to me, but my Father in Heaven.
      I am forever great-full and in absolute awe of the reality of Jesus Christ and His sovereignty.
      I know it sounds crazy, but I can’t deny who Jesus IS and what He has done for me. I will never abandon Him for religion or doctrines of men. He has been my best friend since I was a toddler and never knew His name till I was 40. I just called Him God.
      Now don’t get me wrong, I do like the bible as it contains many truths and reliable testimonies.

  2. Stephen

    Not me, I don’t do religion. I praised Jesus yesterday at the barber shop in front of strangers while my son had his hair cut.
    Hopefully I’ll encounter more opportunities to profess Jesus and his goodness as I’m about my business everyday. Gods’ people are everywhere, there’s absolutely no need to pay or put up with pontificating just to hang out with them.

    • Yep, I think you’re missing a few points in your outline 😉 However, I think your heart is genuine. If you profess Jesus as the Christ and the only way to God (John 14:6), you’re my brother. If you’d ever like to talk shop over coffee (literal or virtual), I’m happy to.

      God bless.

      • Stephen

        I’m up in Edmonton Alberta, Canada so unfortunately we can’t do coffee face to fac. I have friends who are clergy and ex clergy. More people should get to know who their preacher man really is.
        I don’t profess Jesus as the only way to God, people can figure that out for themselves. I profess Jesus IS God.
        Unfortunately Anthony, you preach what most people preach, you’re not much different than any other baptist preacher. I really don’t think you have anything to offer me in terms of The Kingdom of Heaven. But I’ll stick around for a while and see. Be warned, I will bust your chops a little and am not bound to a book, so randomly throwing scripture at me to justify yourself and try and control me will not work. My authority is Jesus Christ, not a dead book.
        If you’re as honest as you think you are, we’ll get along just fine. If you’re looking for another patron to correct, we won’t get along at all, you’ll have to attend your church for that.

      • Yep, Canada is a long haul from here. But I would hope that I’m not a run-of-the-mill, cookie-cutter Baptist preacher, because, after all, not all who put “Baptist” over their door believe the same thing on everything. Some are kooks 😉

        I am disappointed, however, that you would refer to the Bible as a “dead book.” And yes, Jesus is God, but it was He who said of Himself he was the only way. And, if I can’t quote Jesus from Scripture, then where else am I to find His words? Oprah? We know about Jesus FROM the Bible (unless you’ve met a living apostle who walked with Jesus before His death and after resurrection).

        But, look, I’m not looking for any “patrons.” And if you want to express where you think I’m wrong on any issue, I’m glad to hear your thoughts. I’d just like the opportunity to kindly explain.

        But since we can’t meet for coffee, I’ll think of you the next time I have syrup on my pancakes 😉

      • Stephen

        If only I was as sweet as maple syrup.
        Feel free to quote Jesus as He’s the One I follow. As for Where to fine Jesus” words, they’re everywhere but mostly I find them within. Long before I read bible, His laws were written in my heart and on mind, If God so chooses, He can instantly download His Truths into someone, no bible required, that’s the God I serve, all knowing, all powerful, supernatural sovereign ruler of all. Not bound by a book. Especially not a dead book written and compiled by fallible and evil men.

      • Um, Stephen, please allow me to ask a question or two. And please don’t think I’m doing this with any attitude, or anything – I’m just genuinely curious as to your opinion or thoughts.

        First, why is it that you follow Jesus? Why do you believe He is God? From where did you hear about Him? If not from what was revealed in Scripture, then how?

        Secondly, if I quote Jesus from any other source than the Bible, how do I make sure it’s really Him speaking and not a deceiving spirit? Many, many cults base their beliefs on the “words” of Jesus given to their leaders, words that clearly contradict what is written in the Gospels. How do you “try the spirits”?

  3. Keep on preaching the Jesus of the Bible, Anthony. The True Living God, Who left Heaven, came to earth as a baby, born of a virgin, conceived by God the Holy Spirit. This same Jesus, The Christ, grew into manhood, gave His life willingly on the cross, so we could know eternal life. He was buried in a borrowed tomb. But, Praise God, Jesus was raised from death to life on the Third Day, and was seen by many, spoke with many, ate and had fellowship with many.
    Then, this same Jesus ascended into Heaven, to rejoin His Heavenly Father, and sat on the throne to His Father’s right side. And someday in the future, Jesus will return for His followers, all those who have confessed of their sin, repented, changing their lifestyles to follow, serve, and worship Jesus.
    I am blessed to be a Christ follower, looking forward to the day of seeing my Saviour and Lord, Jesus, the Christ, our Messiah, face to face, and falling on my knees and face before Him, worshiping Him with millions of others.

    And oh, to answer your question; I was in church this morning, gathered together with other saints, worshiping our Lord, hearing the Word of God proclaimed, and rejoicing. There were others in the service as well, who have not yet come into a saving relationship with our Lord Jesus. They were welcome to be there of course, and heard the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    From another Canadian.

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