Baby, It’s Still Cold Outside

Just a quick thought….

A lot of push back has bubbled up this year from those who are tired of the easily-offended expressing their outrage. Now that the #metoo crowd has angrily entered the political correctness battleground, the whining and complaining has reached a new level of chalk-board-scraping irritation.

That being said, we shouldn’t let the snowflakes of the world callous us to the truth. A snowman may say it’s comfortable in 0-degree weather, but it’s still freezing.

Those who are always looking for something about which to be critical can find racism, bigotry, misogyny, and any number of phobias wherever they search. They are as equally quick to dismiss the mores of past generations as they are to view situations from the past through their own distorted lenses. So, they have no problem with criticizing Charlie Brown for being a racist and Rudolph’s unsupportive social structure for contributing to mental abuse.

But when it comes to how a man should treat a woman, especially from a holy, God-fearing, gentlemanly perspective, it’s never OK to talk her into doing something that might besmirch her reputation, dishonor her parents, or leave her with feelings of guilt or regret. What’s more, there’s nothing loving about a man trying to sweet talk a reluctant female into satisfying his own selfish sexual desires.

And from a Christian perspective, it’s unwise to flippantly toss around a song that glorifies sexual indiscretion, seduction, and using another person against his or her best wishes to fulfill an illicit sexual impulse.

And if that means you need to reevaluate what you listen to the rest of the year, not just during Christmas when “It’s Cold Outside,” then so be it.


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5 responses to “Baby, It’s Still Cold Outside

  1. This is the problem nowadays. There’s a black flag on everything, because the impure can only see impurity, and they’ll label anything impure to justify their own defiled conscience. Titus 1:15 Beware of getting sucked into the narcissism. It’s diabolical and insidious. Who’s forcing anyone to do anything against their will? Whatever happened to playing hard-to-get, or just not being “easy”? It’s human courtship 101. Ask Red Skelton.

    • I can see your concern, and thanks. I’m not suggesting anyone ban the song like burning books, but there’s too much in it for me to condone. I still stand by my original post which unpacked each verse.

      But I have been married 25 years, so maybe I’ve forgotten what playing hard to get is like 😉

  2. It’s how you choose to look at it. Is it a song about one person attempting to force themselves on another, or about a person standing their ground and not being pressured into something they don’t want, or innocent cat and mouse courtship? The same reasoning that sees ill in a song like this, or is also trying to label Christianity as misogynistic and oppressive to women, and even that God is a sexual predator for impregnating Mary. This is the type of narcissistic thinking Satan will use to apostate the church and persecute true believers. He’s the original Narcissist, still trying to smear God ever since the garden. That’s why I said it’s diabolical.

    • I’m curious as to your definition of narcissism. You keep using that word in your comments/argument, but I’m having a difficult time understanding how you are meaning it to apply. Just to be sure, I’ve looked up the definition in several sources, and I’m honestly having difficulty seeing how that definition fits into my potentially reading something into an allegedly innocent song.

      By the way, I don’t think the song was written with malice or evil intent. Just saying.

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