Childhood Wisdom?

Listen to the Children

I will never forget a commercial I saw on television. It was a long time ago, and I still get irritated. The main line that was repeated over and over was, “Listen to the children.”

Oh, it was one of those environmental, tree-hugging commercials that had little kids instructing adults how to live their lives. One little girl would say something like, “Don’t make me starve,” while another little boy would go on about how eating at McDonald’s would ruin the earth’s water supply – or something like that.

Anyway, every time a toddler would voice her scripted opinion a deep, male voice would echo in response, “Listen…to the children.” Yes, adults should listen to a 5-year-old because of her years of accumulated wisdom untainted by experience.

What Do they Say?

If we to listen to the little crumbcrunchers long enough, we will hear things like:

  • screaming kid“I don’t want to eat that, Mommy! I want cake!”  Listen…to the children.
  • “I don’t want to take bath!” Listen…to the children.
  • “If I was president, I would make everybody happy and would never have school and make parents buy every kid a unicorn and never have to go to bed and make the world like warm all the time with snow all year.”  Listen…to the children.
  • “All I want to do is go home, get some food, and play my video games all weekend!” Listen…to the…wait, an adult said that. 

AND did you know that children have figured out the whole gender (man/woman) thing? Believe it or not, according to the kids on my school bus, girls are smart, but boys are stupid. Here’s how they describe the difference:

“Girls go to college to get more knowledge.

Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider.”

Girls go to college, but boys go to Jupiter. Hmmm…may we ponder that for a moment?

  • What type of intelligence was required to put man on the moon?
  • Methane and ethane make up a tiny proportion o...What type of brain power was needed to land an un-manned rover on Mars?
  • What kind of genius will it require to send man four times the distance to the sun in order to view up-close the deadly storms of Jupiter?
  • Stupid boys can go to Jupiter while girls are still fighting over who should be sorority president – and who’s stupider?

Train ‘Em

Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” I gather from this verse that it is therefore the responsibility of the older, wiser, more responsible parent to teach the child.

They should listen to us. But what are we teaching?


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5 responses to “Childhood Wisdom?

  1. The bible also states ‘spare the rod spoil the child’…Who wants a spoiled child? It is up to interpretation. Some interpret ‘do not give a correctional spanking.’ I interpret, its a correctional spanking now or…a it’s a correctional facility at 14. Whereon life gets much tougher then had the child simply been corrected and not spoiled on the onslaught. And to answer to your question of who put man on the moon etc…Though we have been muzzled for years you can bet your boots they where women among those men. Just as there were many in the scriptures, before King James decided to make his version and compile only the books relevant to his reign. What we should be teaching our children is that both sexes where made by God. Though one from dust, the other of muscle and blood, each is honoured and loved through his eyes. Neither being smarter or better then the other!

    • Man (or woman), we are going to have some fun conversations!

    • Tammy, I promised I would give more detailed replies to your comments once I was able to get back to my computer. Well, I am here, with a few minutes to spare, and I am going to start off my replies by addressing this comment of yours. (BTW, I went to your blog to see what you’re about, but all I could find out was that you are an author and an animal lover, which is pretty cool)

      Let’s see… OK, yes, I believe there were women involved in putting man on the moon. I can’t prove it, nor can I site what roles they played, but it would be illogical to think that women had no role. However, I would assume that the role they played in the Kennedy era was slightly smaller than today.

      As for the King James issue, I need to break that one down a little. First, women were certainly important figures in the Bible; there is a long list of women who were influential in both the Old and New Testaments. Were there more involved than were noted in the 66 books in the canon? I’m sure. But if we stick with just the list we have, women play a huge part in the Bible.

      Now, when you said, “… before King James decided to make his version and compile only the books relevant to his reign,” a red flag began to wave high in the historical sky of canonicity. I know that some may believe that King James I of England directed the translators of the 1611 edition of the English translation of Scripture to be put together in only such a way as to meet his demands, but the 66 books of the Canon were not chosen by him. The 66 books that make up the Bible were those which the church for a long time had already settled on being inspired. King James may have had in influence on the choice of some “royal” words, but as to which books were included, he had no say.
      Yes, both sexes were made by God, and both are equally loved by Him. However, when it comes to being “better” or “smarter” in the eyes of humanity, one’s politics should be able to determine that 😉 Just kidding.

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