“Is your Saturday a day off, a day of preparation, or maybe both? Sunday is coming; are you ready for it? I guess it really all depends on to whom you think the day belongs…the One who made it, or the one who uses it.” – A. Baker


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14 responses to “Saturday 

  1. Melissa Presser (still Esquire)

    Just beautiful…

  2. If I may Rev. 😉 the 4th commandment stated to keep the seventh day Holy. Unless your Catholic then I believe that is the 3rd commandment ‘Six days you shall labour keeping the seventh day the Sabbath.’ The resurrection of Christ thereby made Sunday the first day of the week. Or so the teachings claim. So, if you count off the days of the week with Sunday as the first day, then Saturday would actually be the day of worship…No? For it does not state Sunday but states only the 7th day. The Jewish Sabbath begins at sundown on Friday and continues thru to sundown on Saturday. Again, the differences of denominations and interpretation. In either circumstance the modern human has once again let the Holy Father down, for Modern human has no day of rest anymore. Retailers stay open, people punch the time clock as though the day of worship was like any other day of the week. As always, a pleasure reading you. 🙂

  3. Melissa Presser (still Esquire)

    I think he was talking simply of the concept of rest and preparation for the Lord’s day.

    • Phhhew! I’m glad 😁 you answered for me! My answer might have been lengthy;-)

      • Melissa Presser (still Esquire)

        Lol I figured

      • You lucked out good Rev, One of your flock jumped quick as a wolf to let me know how silly I am. 😉

      • Please, try not to think of folk on the web as my flock; I am not Melissa’s pastor. But, aren’t all friendly comments welcome? Of course! Even from unbelievers, right? Nevertheless, nobody thinks you’re silly. That would be 😜 silly.

      • Yes I agree, I am pretty sure that’s what I said. I love to hear all views. Though I haven’t yet heard from anyone who stated they were an unbeliever. I would hesitate to call anyone an unbeliever simply because they believed differently then I. In all honesty it will not be until we look upon the face of God to know if any of us got it right. I am sorry I misunderstood Melissa’s response, it appeared as though she followed your preachings that is why I called her of your flock.

      • No, Melissa Presser would have to make a FEW adjustments before we’d be on the exact same page. We’re in the same book, though, and that is good. Right Melissa?

    • Thank you Melissa for you interpretation. I love hearing how different people interpret what they read. As well how adamant they are that their interpretation is the correct one. I marvel at how the human brain works. That you got that simple message from his statement amazes me. Especially when the good rev actually used the days of the week. Your quick jump to defend him by explaining to someone their interpretation was wrong, is also heartwarming.

  4. Hi Anthony,
    Jesus taught that the Sabbath was made for man (not) man was made for keeping the Sabbath. I think for us today this is also a spiritual concept. We enter today into the rest of God. Doing God’s will in our lives. We also need physical rest so having a day to relax and unwind is good. I do not find going to church restful on Sundays. I find it stressful and emotionally draining.

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