Taking Over?

The Dogs

Long before Moses (a.k.a. Charlton Heston) battled talking monkeys, someone coined the phrase “going to the dogs.” And man oh man, hasn’t that been the way of the world as of late? Refugees flooding across unprotected borders; Muslim thugs raping women in the streets of Europe; Donald Trump running for president… Everything is getting so crazy!

I wouldn’t be surprised if the dogs take over sooner than later!

Come quickly Lord Jesus!

The Example

Early one morning, not too long ago, my wife and I went out to run some errands. For fun, so he wouldn’t have to stay home alone, we took Nugget along for the ride. The moment we decided to order a biscuit Nugget knew exactly what was happening. He would not be denied the opportunity to place his own order.

What’s this world coming to? Well, the Christian already knows…and it ain’t pretty. But what the Bible does not say is that the end may begin with canine control.

 The Order

“No, I don’t want a steak biscuit…I would like to have Chicken…And please hurry…I’m a hungry dog…and I like eating chicken.”


“Woof…I mean Thank You!…But you can keep the biscuit…or give it to my mom, er, owner…is it supposed to come through the that box?…Drive around? OK.”


“What are you people doing in there? I did what I was supposed to…now where’s my food. Woof! Can you see me? Am I not cute enough for you?”


“She said she won’t give it to me unless you give her money…What is money?…Can you please hurry?”


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