Please, Daddy! Just try it!


I like tuna fish (mostly). I like it when it comes out of a can or when it is dolled up with a little Tuna Helper.

I like catfish, just as long as I can find all the bones and not choke.

I like whatever kind of fish my black brethren fry up in big pots. Honestly, it wasn’t until about three years ago that I attended my first “fish fry.” It was fantastic! One of my daughters and I were the only white people there and we didn’t have any idea what to expect, so when we were asked if we wanted mustard, hot sauce, and slaw on our white bread, what else could we say but, “Of course!” Heavenly, I tell you. Heavenly.

I like perch, brim, and bass caught fresh and pan fried on the shore. Oh…my…goodness!

I even like fish and chips.


Yellow Tail

Yesterday I went out to lunch with someone who picked up the bill. Since I didn’t have to pay, I chose not to be picky when it came to where we ate.

“Do you know where (a certain Japanese restaurant) is?” he asked. “I think so,” I replied. “Great! I’ll meet you there at 11:30.”

When my daughter, Katie, found out where we were going to eat she insisted I try one particular item – the “Yellow Fin” (as in raw, uncooked Yellow Tail tuna).

I did. Here’s the proof. I took a picture.


Why I Don’t Like Sushi

It’s raw. Raw is good for things like vegetables and language, but not meat.

It’s cold. Cold fish is just wrong…unless it’s tuna on lettuce.

It’s sticky. I like sticky rice. I like sticky candy. I don’t like sticky meat.

It’s practically flavorless. By “practically” I mean it has a little flavor, but not much. The flavor it does have is that of raw, cold, sticky, dead, fish market. If you have to eat it with ginger and wasabi to make it edible, it ain’t.

I’m an American. What we catch and kill we cook before we eat it. At least that’s the kind of American I am; all others are sushi-sissies.

and lastly,

I could take a laxative and have the same effect. Do I need to explain? At least the meeting went well.




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14 responses to “Please, Daddy! Just try it!

  1. I have had some very good sushi – once. Like you I was being treated. It is not something I would choose. But I do like smoked salmon.

  2. Mary

    I love sushi!!!!!!!!!!! It’s a South Florida staple

  3. Haha, entertaining post! I think the dislike of sushi or sashimi by older people was caused rather by generation gap than American culture. Your daughter and I think most other teenager in America like sushi, on the other hand my parents, like you, doesn’t like sushi.

    Perhaps you could add one more reason “Why I don’t like sushi”, “because I’m old.” Have a good day Mr. Baker.

  4. Garrett R.

    Haha, I do not eat meat that is uncooked… especially fish.

  5. Sushi is my absolute favorite food! I’ve gotten many friends to try it, but only a few have been won over. My husband loves it but in recent years he has developed a seafood allergy so he has to be very careful now. My 12 year old loves it too 🙂

  6. I love sushi! It is one of my favorite meals 🙂 Did you try any rolls? The ones with smoked tuna and smoked salmon have a lot of flavor to them. My husband and I used to eat it often, but he has developed a seafood allergy in the past few years. My 12 year old loves it and even eats octopus!

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