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Time to Offend

If you don’t know who Kenneth Copeland and Jessie Duplantis are, then I’m glad. Maybe it should stay that way. But if you keep reading, and if you watch the attached video, then your innocence will be destroyed.

I don’t talk much about men like Kenneth Copeland and Jessie Duplantis. One reason is that I don’t want to waste my time. Another reason is that I try to avoid offending some of my readers who I know listen to and watch these guys.

But today is going to be different; I may have to offend.

What I Think

I am going to be very honest with you, if you don’t mind. And what I am about to say will not be couched in any sarcasm or humor. The fact is that I can’t stand Kenneth Copeland. I think he is a crook, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, demonically inspired, and nothing remotely close to a genuine man of God. His teachings are destructive, unbiblical, heretical, and more than likely leading people to hell (and, yes, I believe there’s a hell).

What got me wanting to write something about how I feel was a video that recently hit the news. If you haven’t already seen it, just watch it below.

Plane Truth

I don’t doubt that there are people and ministries that legitimately need private aircraft, and I’m not one of them. However, these guys are full of mud.

I love how they say they are in the “soul-saving business,” yet think of a passenger airliner as a long tube full of demons that could possibly hinder the anointing.

Gag. Me. With. A. Spoon!

My Suggestions

Hey, if you’re dying to give your money away to ministries that have nothing to do with your local church, why not give to missionaries? You could always donate to the SBC International Mission Board. Or, I could recommend some individual local and overseas ministries desperately in need of funds. Seriously.

Whatever you do, don’t trust these guys or send them your money. Don’t watch them on TV or buy their books. Should you give to them you will be contributing to the furtherance of damnable heresy and blasphemy.

If you need a pastor, find one that has given his life to reach the people on the plane. Find one that can pray anywhere. Find one that preaches the soul-saving, life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ, not the prosperity-promising, money-grabbing false doctrines of the jet-setting “anointed.”

That’s all I’m going to say about these charlatans at this time. Should there be any interest, there are plenty of sources detailing the heretical teachings of Copeland, Duplantis, Hinn, and the like. Just Google them.

I’m just amazed people still take them seriously.


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19 responses to “Comments on Copeland

  1. Mary

    What the heck are they even talking about? This would be a great Saturday Night Live skit!

  2. I think televangelists have done more damage to Christianity than just about any other group. I am Episcopalian and would donate to our relief organization and I would refer my priest to anyone who needs counseling. A street level clergy person has more impact on a community than some television preacher.

  3. Amen Brother! I agree with you 100%! I also agree with Mary’s comment. After watching the video you posted, I’m not even sure what they are talking about.

    I’ve been warning folks that I have the responsibility of teaching on Sunday morning at church about those guys for years! People who belong to Bible believing churches are being deceived.

    • With all seriousness I can say with 100% certainty that the teachings of Kenneth Copeland led to the death of a loved one. He is a liar, a crook, and his teachings are nothing more than witchcraft with a Christian veneer.

  4. Bobby Jarrell

    The writer of Hebrews states in

    Hebrews 1:1-2

    1 Long ago God spoke to the fathers by the prophets at different times and in different ways. 2 In these last days, He has spoken to us by His Son. God has appointed Him heir of all things and made the universe through Him.

    There is a period after Son. God has given us Jesus Christ and His Word. AND THAT IS SUFFICIENT! He has revealed everything that needs to be revealed. I believe that Kenneth and Jesse do hear voices speaking to them. And it’s the roaring lion seeking who he can devour. These guys deny the sufficiency of Christ and God’s Word. They behave like God needs them when they obviously need God.

  5. If I were Jesse, I would have been incredibly worried that God had sent me to Amos 6. It is all about judgment against people like him and his ilk!
    I have some friends – who played pivotal roles in my spiritual growth – who follow Copeland, especially, and these guys. One of them, I do not understand, because he has struggled to survive for years even after “planting a seed” multiple times to Copeland’s ministry. He does not realize that following Copeland is causing his grief!

  6. Very spot on. Glad that you are taking name’s and exposing them who dilute and preach another Gospel. Don’t worry about the stooges of such people. May God deal with them and give them their due for their show of pride wrapped in religious sounding words. God bless you for the the courage against them!

  7. Brother Anthony, I no longer get into a public “debate” about these so-called ministers because my ministry tries so hard to bring about unity through the spirit in the bond of love. Now don’t take the statement that I just said as criticism, because it isn’t! I believe our Heavenly Father through the power and inspiration of His Holy Spirit, gifts and equips others to be able to confront these charlatans and the deception they teach.
    I have more than once, had to work/minister/serve HARD to undo some of the damage their destructive and deceptive teaching has caused in the hearts of believers who were truly seeking for truth!
    Many years ago when so many “well-meaning” Christians were jumping on the bandwagon stating that you can’t “judge” for God will get you, the Holy Spirit opened up Matthew 7 to me in what I would like to term as “spirit and truth!”
    So many want to camp on the first part of Matthew which deals with SENTENCING (another term for judging) which is in actuality out of our hands and in the Hands of the Ultimate Judge. But the second part deals with “discerning what is true” (another definition of judging) and many don’t want to “preach/teach” that aspect!
    But, when we are CAUTIONED to protect the sheep from wolves in sheep’s clothing and the “bad fruit” produced from a person’s heart attitude, the very evidence of false prophets, how do we then justify our inactivity??
    Jesus Himself, warns that many will say to Him, but I did this and that in YOUR NAME, and He with sadness in His heart but with justice, look at them and say, “Yes, you used My Name, but I never KNEW you! Depart from me!”
    We have each been given gifts and services to accomplish and perform with the Leading of the Holy Spirit and we ourselves will be accountable to the Lord, our Redeemer, if we neglect to accomplish His leading all in the name of “Political Correctness!”
    I have followed in the past many writers who have shown the deception of many (not all) of these “false prophets” and they have been harassed and maligned because they had the strength to speak out as God gave them voice.
    So my Brother, my prayers are with you as you teach what the Holy Spirit lays on your heart. I pray, strength, faithfulness and peace as you endeavor to follow the Leading of the Holy Spirit no matter how hard it may appear to be. Just one word of encouragement, remember, even though God hates the falsehoods, He still loves the person and wishes none to perish. If THEY perish, it is of their choosing and not the Lords. Just make sure your love for God’s children and His creation is what motivates you and that way, it will be the Holy Spirit’s conviction (convincing) and not just some emotional reason. My prayers are with you and any who are willing to combat evil where ever it is found!!
    “Even the devil can disguise himself as an angel of light!” That is what has tricked so many in Christendom! Again, God bless you Brother Anthony, I look forward to more of your writing!

    • Thank you. I, too, rarely speak out like this, especially calling people out by name. But every once in a while I think it is necessary, just as Paul did a couple of times in his letters.

  8. That video was just awful. Good grief. You know, Joel Osteen was the reason I even started blogging; he was the very first think I ever wrote about over a year ago.

  9. Garrett R.

    Great post! That video is alarming. I think “demonically inspired” nailed it. It’s only Biblical to warn people of this false teaching. I pray the Lord truly shows himself to these two men and the countless people who follow them.

  10. Anonymous

    Feeling a bit small as I put away my paper airplane. Good post Anthony

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