Till the Storm Passes By (Psa. 57)

The last post I wrote had to do with discouragement, being down, and the hope that can be found in the Lord. I also shared with you one of my favorite passages, Psalm 57:1-2

No, this is not my church, but a pipe organ would be nice, eh?

No, this is not my church, but a pipe organ would be nice, don’t you think?

Today I am going to share with you another recording of me preaching, and this time it will be based on Psalm 57:1-2. It is an edited version of the message that will air later today on the radio. I hope it will be a blessing and an encouragement to you, especially if you can’t pick up the radio station.

PSALM 57 – “Till the Storm Passes By”

If you do find this sermon to be encouraging, please pass it on to someone else.

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One response to “Till the Storm Passes By (Psa. 57)

  1. yeah, I get myself in fixes a lot. I find most people won’t touch me (like a leper!) because they only have to do with things that look perfect or pretty. I’m always trying to bend down and help somebody out of the muck, but when I get in there? Oh well. I pray for the people and find myself crying more for them than my problem sometimes. God is faithful.

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