Anthony’s Appetite #8 (Café on the Corner)

It has been over a year since I did a food or restaurant review. But after my wife and I went to lunch yesterday, I figured it was a good time to revive a favorite series…

Anthony’s Appetite! Woo Hoo!

Not long ago my wife started a new job (praise the Lord) on Lookout Mountain (where you go to See Rock City). At the suggestion of one of her co-workers, we visited a little place called Café on the Corner.

Hidden Treasures

It is amazing how there are so many places that we drive by everyday without ever taking notice. I had seen this little cafe many times, but never stopped to check it out. Let this be a lesson to be more attentive.

The front of Café on the Corner is not very audacious. It blends into the surrounding area pretty well. It is very classy, as a matter of fact, with a nice little sitting area outside.The outside, however, did not prepare me for the upscale atmosphere that welcomed us inside.

As Valerie and I walked in, we were greeted by Brittany, who not only seated us, but served us. The Café opens as 11 a.m., so when we got there we were about the first to be seated. That gave me a great opportunity to photograph the interior without offending any patrons.

Money and Time

We were on a budget, so Valerie and I passed on any appetizers. We ordered our usual drinks (Coke for her, coffee for me), placed our orders, and then took a few minutes to enjoy some conversation over white table cloths. Some of the conversation included, “Can we afford this today?…Should we split something?…How long is this going to take?…That lady’s dress looks expensive… I like bare brick…this is going to be a long lunch…etc.

Café on the Corner is not the place to eat if you are on a McDonald’s budget. It is also not the place to eat if you are in a hurry and you arrive when the place is just opening. On the other hand, it IS the place to eat if you enjoy laid back fine dining with an aristocratic Southern flair.

For my main course I ordered the special of the day (which only cost around $8). It was a Philly Wrap with pasta salad. My wife got a hamburger (she’s not the adventurous type).

Oh, the Food!

Let me tell you, the Philly wrap was wonderful. Inside the wrap was extremely tender pork tenderloin, grilled onions, a few peppers and mushrooms, and the most delicious smoked Gouda cheese sauce. My first bite simultaneously brought chills and feelings of cuddly warmth. I nearly shed a tear of taste bud joy.

If you have read this blog for very long, you know I love my coffee and tea. When it comes to eating dessert, nothing compliments it better than a good cup of black coffee. In this case I was able to have the best of both worlds.

Valerie and I selected (to share) the Cafe’s signature caramel cake with vanilla ice cream. Oh my gosh it was good! But what’s more, Brittany told me that their coffee was especially blended to pair with their desserts. Amazing!

Overall, I highly recommend the Café on the Corner. My only suggestions would be don’t eat the cake if you are a diabetic; don’t dress like a Wal-Martian when you visit; and bring a little extra cash if you’re not used to sharing.

For further information, Click HERE to go to their website.



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2 responses to “Anthony’s Appetite #8 (Café on the Corner)

  1. Fun reading about it, not somewhere we could go though. Loved the pictures!!!

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