Give Me Samoa


As best I can tell, I have gotten only one visit from someone in Samoa. But if I were to compare Samoa to the United States, then person-for-person, that one visit would be worth at least 20,000 views in the States! Of course Samoa is tiny compared to the U.S.A., and only has a population of 196,000. But who’s counting?


Located half-way between New Zealand and Hawaii, this little island country is a literal paradise. Up until now the only thing that I could associate with Samoa was big wrestlers and Girl Scout cookies. But now that I have seen the pictures…and read the history…I want to go there! You can keep the cookies.

Make My Reservation

The thing that most amazes me is this little country’s blatant, uncompromising, unashamed acceptance of Christianity in daily life. Unlike so many in the rest of the Western world, Samoa makes no apology for the faith that plays a major role in its society. As a matter of fact, just check out this quote from the Samoa Tourism Authority:

Christianity has been one of the few western influences that has been accepted into Fa’a Samoa.

John Williams from the London Missionary Society arrived in Savaii in 1830 with eight Tahitian and Rarotongan teachers to spread the word. Today the motto on Samoa’s crest reads, Fa’avae I Le Atua SamoaSamoa is founded on God, and found in every village are churches of various denominations. Samoans are devote Christians and Sunday is a day of worship and spending time with family and no physical work is done (emphasis added).

I may be going out on a limb, here, but my guess is that the ACLU isn’t very big in Samoa. Can you imagine if something like that was written on an official American tourism website? You have to admire these people.

Read Samoa

I could go on and on repeating what I have read, but why don’t you check it out for yourself. Go read about the Samoan Way. Read about a people who aren’t ashamed of their heritage. Read about a little country that could be an example for the rest of us to follow. Ever wonder how to deal with gang crime, illiteracy, the break down of the family? Samoa might have some suggestions.

A Prayer

Dear Lord, thank you for the people of Samoa. Thank you for their unashamed proclamation of faith in Christ. Thank you for the missionaries who bravely went to share with these people back in the 1830’s. Thank you that there is still a place in the world where family is not defined and re-defined on a whim.

God, bless this little nation. Keep them safe. May they grow in grace and be a beacon of light in a dark world. – Amen.


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