Behind the Scenes @ WFLI

Every other week, or so, I am on the radio for about 15 minutes.

This week I took my daughter Katie with me to the radio station in order to film me recording a broadcast. It was a little distracting, but it was fun to have her there.

It is not easy to preach to a clock and a microphone. I prefer real people. It is also hard to preach like I normally would when I have only 14 minutes. Trying to imagine people listening to me while I sit there watching the clock tends to make me nervous.

Anyway, since I am not a big-name preacher with a full-time staff editing and mixing my recordings, you will hear less professionalism on this broadcast. The “uhs” and the “ums” will not be edited out this time. But, if you want to send in your life savings, I will make sure to use some of it to hire people with technical know-how and computer software.


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