Monday Monkey Tree House (Episode 11)

In this episode, Mr. Monkey and the Recovering Legalist team head off to Crossville, Tennessee.

What’s in Crossville? The worlds largest tree house, of course!

The Treehouse – The Way

If you want one, there are little business cards available with information. The business card has a picture of the tree house, and right beside are the words The Treehouse – The Way. What does The Way have to do with the Treehouse? Well, as I understand it, according the Horace Burgess, the builder/owner, God told him to build it.

No joke.

A lady we know heard of our trip to the tree house. She said she had been there, so I asked her what she thought. “It was all a bunch of nothing,” she said coarsely. She couldn’t understand why anyone would build such a thing, much less visit it. She saw no value in what Mr. Burgess was doing.

To be honest, saying that God told you to build the world’s largest tree house is quite unusual. But on the other hand, I am sure many thought the same as they made fun of Noah’s ark. Why couldn’t God instruct someone to build a tree house?

Some may joke about the man and the house, but the purpose of the structure is not a joke. As a matter of fact, instead of growing crops in an adjacent field, Mr. Burgess writes the Purpose for all to see – Jesus.


I hope this episode of Monday Monkey will encourage you in a several ways.

First, I hope it will encourage you to something creative, something weird, no matter how silly or strange, even if it means carrying a monkey puppet around in public. Don’t let naysayers squash your imagination.

Secondly, I hope it will encourage you to visit the tree house in Crossville, TN. While there, try to make a donation to help feed the abandoned horses.

Thirdly, I hope it encourages you to pray for Bro. Horace Burgess and his ministry, however strange. If nothing else, pray for those who will visit the tree house. Hopefully, because of one man’s vision, they will also see Jesus.



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3 responses to “Monday Monkey Tree House (Episode 11)

  1. I had no idea such a place existed. But what a fantastic example of one person’s response to a vision and what a creative way to share the name of Jesus.

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