Monday Monkey Gaga (Episode 10)

One would think that my first post of the year would be something serious and profound – oh, well. I can’t help it that it’s Monday.

In this episode, we see Mr. Monkey overdoing it with the non-alcoholic sparkling pear juice (it was nasty!). Don’t hold it against him, though. It was all the store had on the shelf. The apple cider was all sold out.

But just in case you missed it, Matthew 6:33 gets referenced in the end of the video. Why? Because this year let’s not be so focused on getting ahead, winning elections, or making the grade. This year let’s put God first in all we do. This year let’s seek His kingdom and His righteous first.


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4 responses to “Monday Monkey Gaga (Episode 10)

  1. theWomanAtTheWell

    Following you on YouTube now too! I feel your pain on the pear juice 😦
    I love the verse to meditate on as well, thank you Mr.Baker.
    God Bless.

  2. Lucky it was only pear juice! Perhaps you need to bring monkey to the UK. One of our local cider makers has a really good organic pear cider. We took our mens’ group there before Christmas for a guided tour of the cider works and a meal. It was a great opportunity for men from the church to invite friends from outside the church.

    • The day we go to the U.K. is the day Mr. Monkey will talk to Aslan – on his own. Then, there are other preachers that seem to travel to other countries every week and still preach on Sundays. How do they do that? I’d just love to visit the pub where Lewis sat and imagined. Maybe someday.

      • How about an extended trans-Atlantic pulpit swap? I’m sure that used to happen in my Dad’s day. Just not to us. Not sure about the travelling preachers. There seems to be some sort of a closed-shop of conference speakers travelling around the world. If it’s any consolation I live here and have never visited the pub where Lewis sat and imagined.

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