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“Self” Worshippers

“The clearest evidence one worships the god of Self is the degree to which one considers blasphemous the sin of disrespect.” A. Baker


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Fun and Quirky Me

In a recent email from Tishia at Faithful Bloggers I was asked to list some fun and quirky things about myself. She said…

“When is the last time you shared something fun or a little quirky about you? I encourage you to create a post like this. Your readers will love it! It’ll let them connect with you on a more personal level as you give them a ‘glimpse’ into who you are by sharing some of those silly things.

Therefore, in the second post I’ve written in just one day, I will share with you 10 fun and quirky things: things to love; things to use as a connector; and things to give you a “glimpse” into what makes me the quirky, funny, unusual, and almost-committed person that I am.

  • I don’t have a clean desk, either around my computer in the kitchen or in my office. A clean desk is an invitation to break out books and paper and clutter. A messy desk is a reminder I have too much to do, so I don’t do too much more.
  • The main reason I love iPhones more than any other kind of phone is iMovie. I will be getting the iPhone 7 this year, and I don’t care about the haters; it’s the first phone I’ve gotten in 5 years – and Saturday is my birthday.
  • I shave in the shower – and I never cut myself (which is good for several reasons).
  • I like candy corn, even in the summer.
  • Sometimes I eat dry Capt’n Crunch Cereal when I study. I’ll put it in a bowl and munch on it. It’s what I call “brain food.”
  • I stop by the Mapco gas station every day and make my own iced coffee. It only cost me $.99 instead of $2 billion at Starbucks (which I can’t stand, anyway).
  • I sneeze every time I eat anything (at least 90% of the time)…anything at all… at least three times in a row. No, I don’t know why I do it. It doesn’t matter what I eat, and it varies when the sneezing happens.
  • I get emotional in the butterfly exhibit at the Tennessee Aquarium.
  • I weigh 215 pounds.
  • One of my greatest wishes is that the Pop Tart people would make a pop tart that had no filling… because I enjoy the edges of pop tarts more than the inside.

So, there you have it… fun and quirky things you probably never knew about me. Do you feel closer? More connected? I hope so 😉

I also have a pet puppet monkey who thinks he is real - he even has a pet banana.

I also have a pet puppet monkey who thinks he is real – he even has a pet banana.



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