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Interview Questions

A Great Idea

I was just reading the blog of a new subscriber, Jessie Clemence. One of her posts consisted of an interview conducted by herself. That gave me an idea – why not interview ME?

Yes, I think it would be fun to conduct an in-depth, newsworthy interview with myself. I could ask all the right questions, none of the wrong ones, and make myself look pretty darn impressive.

The only downside to interviewing myself is that if I am the only one asking the questions, then I might get mad at myself for prying too much. I would hate to make myself so angry that I never talk to myself again.

Your Questions

So, why don’t you help me interview myself by suggesting some questions myself could ask me?

Do you have questions about my past? My favorite things? Where I was on the night of June 18, 1994? My connection with MI6? What kind of man fights in Hawaiian shirts?

Keep the questions clean, of course, or myself will have to delete them.

If this interview goes well, I may have to do one with Mr. Monkey. Now that would be interesting.


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