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I Love My Wife


Here I sit in a large Lifeway book store, a Bible and notebook in my lap, a cup of coffee (from Dunkin Donuts) beside me, my phone in my hand, studying, waiting on my daughter to get out of a meeting, and thinking of my wife. 

Lifeway is a Christian bookstore chain. Believe it or not, my wife and I actually spent one of our anniversary date nights strolling through and shopping in a Lifeway store. Why? Because it’s our kind of place – it’s all about the Lord and Saviour we love, Jesus. It’s where we feel like kids in a candy store, but without the risk of overexposure to calories. 


In a recent marriage counseling session (yes, we go to one now and then), we discussed life changes and the risk of growing apart. One of the ways couple risk growing apart is by losing interest in the same things, not enjoying the same things together as a couple. 

We used to like some things we don’t like anymore. There are some things one likes, but the other doesn’t. However, Lifeway is one if those things /places we certainly enjoy together. That will never change, because we are both in love with the store’s purpose – Jesus. 


I don’t say it enough, especially for the whole world to read, but I love my wife! I love Valerie. I will love her with emotion and with action till the day we part in death, maybe longer. 

But the reason our love, our marriage, has survived over 21 years is because we are both in love with Someone else – Jesus. 

Picture a triangle. At the top of the triangle, the single Point, is Jesus, the Son of God.  At the bottom left and right are Valerie and me. The closer we get to Him, the closer we get to each other. Because of Jesus, no matter the likes and dislikes that change with times and seasons, our love for each other can grow and grow without limitation – because we can never get close enough to Him. 

I just wanted to tell the world how much I love my wife. And the closer we both grow, I hope you can tell it, especially in our mutual love for God. 

Love Jesus; love each other. Simple


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