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Robert Mugabe Resigns!

Just the title of this post should bring jubilation to your hearts! The people of Zimbabwe have been praying for years for this day to come, and now it’s here!

Praise God!

Oh, now we must pray for a peaceful and democratic transition of authority. The people of Zimbabwe – my friends – my brothers and sisters in Christ who treated me with so much love – have been under such a heavy burden for so long, with the world governments shunning them, the people starving, with unemployment over 80%. Today is a new beginning!

And it came peacefully!

Now may God grant Zimbabwe another chance at peace and prosperity, just government, and a new standing in the world.

And may God be praised!


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2017, Here I Come!

My Short List

You knew it would come sooner or later, right? Well, this morning I wanted to throw together a short list of things I’d like to do in 2017. Don’t call them “resolutions,” just things I want to do or accomplish.

  • Read through my Bible more than once. Part of that will consist of reading through many of the books in a single sitting.
  • Finish reading some books I started last year… and the years before.
  • Pray “evening, morning, and at noon.”
  • Take my wife to Ruth’s Chris for the first time (maybe for her 50th birthday in February?). But that will depend on whether or not I find another job.
  • Lose some weight.
  • Build a bed frame for my daughter, Haley.
  • Change the brakes on every dadgum vehicle we own ūüė¶ At least we have transportation, true? Well, as long as we can keep up the payment, that is.
  • Bring honor and praise to Jesus. The last thing I want to do is be an embarrassment to His name.

Some Video

Now, just to finish out this first post of the year, I want to leave you with some video moments from my trip to Zimbabwe last year (August). That was truly the highlight of my year, and I do appreciate all of your help getting there.


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More than a Movie

I get a real kick out of the characters from the Madagascar movies. By far, my favorite are the penguins. Their can-do spirit; their ability to laugh in the face of danger;¬†and their ability to use¬†monkeys to piece together a¬†crashed DC-7 and make it fly – well,¬†they’re genius.

The¬†third edition of the Madagascar movies (Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted) featured all the animals buying a circus to sneak across Europe. My favorite part, of course, was the part where Marty the zebra, made up like a clown, sang the “Circus Afro” song.¬† I want it for a ring-tone!

But Madagascar is more than a movie; it’s a country. And Madagascar is populated with talking people, not talking animals (as far as I know).

The Country

Madagascar is a beautiful, isolated island nation just off the southeast of Africa. Actually, Madagascar is the 4th largest island in the world.

Even though I have never seen any talking animals, there may be some in Madagascar. Believe it or not, nearly 80% of the plants and animals found in Madagascar are found nowhere else in the world!

The People

But Madagascar is more than a movie or rare plants and animals. Madagascar is a place with nearly 21 million people, 69% of which live on less than $2 dollars a day.

It is a place with people who practice the veneration of ancestors, even digging them up for periodic reunions with family. But thanks to the London Missionary Society, 20% of the people are Protestant (while another 20% are Catholic).

It is amazing to me that anyone from Madagascar has viewed this blog. But it is even more amazing that Jesus knows and loves every person there. And because He loves them, we should love them, too.

Pray for the people of Madagascar. Pray that more may find the hope that can be found in One who was not dug up from the dead, but raised from the dead to bring them life.


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Recognizing the World

It is almost too incredible to believe, yet it is taken for granted by almost every blogger. We rarely think of it, and when we do it is normally just another statistic. It is something that just a few short years ago would have been unthinkable. What is it that we take for granted?

The ability to reach the world.

Yesterday I shared with my wife the names of countries that have viewed my The Recovering Legalist. Believe it or not, the last count was 81! Isn’t that amazing? Many of the countries had names we had never heard before. Most are countries I will never see in my lifetime.

Well, that got me to thinking, why not take Sunday as an opportunity to recognize and thank each country for visiting? At the same time, why not use it as an opportunity to say a pray for the people in that country? I don’t know about you, but sometimes I tend to forget that I am not the only person in the world.


The green dot is Lesotho.

Lesotho will be our first country. I have to say that until this week I had never heard of this little land-locked country right in the middle of South Africa.

99.7% of the population in Lesotho is Sotho. Their official languages are Sesotho and English.

The predominant religion in Lesotho is Christianity (80%). I am not sure how they practice Christianity, however. The statistic, nevertheless, is interesting.

The thing that stood out to me the most, however, is that (according to the Central Intelligence Agency) in a country with a population of just under 2 million, at least 26% of the people have HIV (Aids)! That is incredibly tragic, don’t you think? It is heartbreaking to think that 1 in 4 people in a country have an incurable, deadly disease.

Thank You and Prayer

So, thank you so much, Lesotho, for visiting this blog. I hope you will visit again. In the meantime, Let me lead in a prayer for your people.

Dear Lord God, thank you for sending your Son, Jesus Christ, to bring hope to a hurting and dying world. Without Him we would be lost without hope, both in this world and the one to come. Lord, the people of Lesotho need to be reminded that you love them, and though they be small in number, they are not forgotten.

English: Flag of Lesotho Sesotho: Seboko ye Le...Lord, we pray for the monarchy and government of the Kingdom of Lesotho. May they seek you and your Wisdom, not the wisdom of man. Raise up future generations who will lead their people with integrity and righteousness.

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