It’s Been A Year…I’m Still Alive!

1st Stent-iversary!

Today is a very big day for me, even though it will pass by with little to no fanfare. Today marks one year since two stents were placed in my heart!

A year ago, yesterday, my wife and I had driven down here to Warthen for a face-to-face interview with the search committee at Bethlehem Baptist. Just a few hours later I was in the local hospital with odd chest pains.

A short while after that I was being transported by ambulance to Macon, Georgia where I was admitted and prepped for heart surgery.

You can read how it all unfolded – the rest of the story – by clicking here. 

One year ago I almost died from a heart attack. Now, a year later, I could end up dying from a virus!

You Never Know

I’m glad to be alive (even though Heaven would be great). I’m thankful to God for sparing my life and answering the question, “What’s a person supposed to do if they have a heart attack in this town?”

But, seriously, none of us know what tomorrow holds, do we? One day everything could be perfectly fine, normal, no problems, and then the next day your world could be turned upside down.

What started out as a Chinese thing has now infected most of the world. Literally, just one hour ago (as of this writing), I was told by a Sheriff’s Deputy that our rural county had its first confirmed case of Coronavirus and that the Mayor had declared a state of emergency. Then, not even 15 minutes after that, my wife informed me that her cousin’s wife, Amber, tested positive for the virus.

Again, one never knows from one moment to the next what tomorrow holds. It could be a heart attack, a virus, an accident, or even cancer – you just don’t know.

But God knows.

That is why He says “now is the day of salvation” (2 Corinthians 6:2).

An Invitation

The Lord is calling YOU. Are you going to answer?

We are living in a very dangerous time, and it’s only getting worse. Add to that the already uncertainty of life, what confidence do you have that you’ll be around a year from now? Even a month from now? It’s impossible to know!

Therefore, if you are in the least bit unsure of where you would spend eternity, PLEASE take a moment and read this simple explanation of the gospel and how to begin a relationship with Jesus Christ. And if you do, please let me know!

My heart attack was a wake-up call. This virus, I believe, is God’s wake-up call to the world.

While YOU are still alive, take advantage of the opportunity to live forever.


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14 responses to “It’s Been A Year…I’m Still Alive!

  1. glad you are still alive and kicking.
    I know others who had life threatening things happen and it ended their marriages. After their Accident or brush with death, they had a change of heart, that others could not protect them or are of no use to them, the love went cold. Their attachments dropped off.
    I am glad that did not happen to you. But I would ask Why? I know some pretty good Christians who ended up divorced who had great relationships.
    What was it, what is it after this year that has held your heart and mind together? Other than duct tape.

    • Good question. Let me ask my wife 😉

      • I thought it was. LoL. Not a question you need to answer. But I think regardless of factors, it was a grace given to you. I am realizing that there are gifts given to us, things we happen to get, that we are not aware of at the time. Mine right now is the invention I am working on. Its really Gods thing he is letting me play with and giving me insight for. Unlike Saul or Solomon or many others, I am not smart enough to have earned knowing what I know. What I have is a gift lent out.
        Likely your wife and yourself etc. And things contributed to you staying together or not having a huge change precipitated by the heart issue, But, Its my opinion, Grace is lent to us, and on a knifes edge, we chose. Maybe she, they etc. helped the choosing to be easier, still, I would suggest, God put his hand on your life car to swerve it slightly to the right. God does that often, unfortunately far to often we have to tight a grip on the wheel.

  2. Glad that you are still with us Anthony. I may not meet you this side of heaven but I am thankful that we are family in the eyes of God. Will you and your wife please pray for me. I had some health things happen back in February around the 22 and I am still in a nursing home recuperating. No one can tell me why what happened (I suffered a migraine for 2 days prior to having a grand mal seizure and was found about 36 hours later unconscious and remained unconscious for another 24 beyond that. All the tests that have been run show nothing other than normal. I ended up breaking my nose and eye orbit and when I stand to walk I get super dizzy within 45 feet.) So would greatly appreciate the prayers because I know God saved me to be a light and I continue to shine.

  3. Amen Brother. We never know when our name will be called up yonder for us to head Home. We just know that while we are still here, Holy Spirit still has work for us to do, to Glorify Jesus and draw others to Him.
    As we age, (not meaning you) we may slow down, but our Father still will energize and use us for His purpose.

  4. I had that done 15 years ago and still no problems whatsoever. Just saying …

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  6. Happy anniversary!! May you be blessed with many more.

  7. Wow praise God for another year. What a timely message with your own life as the “pulpit” for the message of the Gospel!

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