Recommendations for Non-Calvinist Works

I’ve been pretty busy and unable to finish anything new to post today. However, I found something worthy of sharing, something I know many of you will appreciate.

Check out the information in the video I’m attaching and let Dr. Flowers know I sent you 🙂

Have a great Monday!


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6 responses to “Recommendations for Non-Calvinist Works

  1. If memory serves, he used to be a Calvinist, but saw the light.

    • Yep. And he is very gracious in his dealing with Calvinists.

      • Yes he is, a lot more gracious than most of those Calvinists who comment on his videos. Sad thing is Calvinism is growing in some denominations by leaps and bounds. I attend an ABA Missionary Baptist church and my pastor’s close friend jumped from a non-Calvinist ABA congregation to a Calvinist SBC congregation. He recently applied to an ABA non-Calvinist congregation without telling them he was now a Calvinist.

        They tend to ignore the various Bible verses that show why Calvinism isn’t valid or take Bible verses out of context to “prove” they are right.

      • That’s really sad to hear about your pastor’s friend. I am fortunate to have a few Calvinistic Baptist friends who don’t try to argue with me or patronize me from atop their enlightened perch. I know of only one or two, however, that can discuss the doctrine with me without eventually reaching for their blood pressure medication.

  2. hawk2017

    Thank you. I have Calvinist bloggers on my site and am aware of the misinterpreted doctrine. I pray they will see the Light.

  3. If God is so easily understood that He can be put into a human doctrine that at most makes many comfortable because they feel they have a grasp of who God is, then He isn’t much of a God – I find much of the Calvinist doctrine is more about trying to understand how God can remain in control and still give us free will (spoiler alert Calvinists remove free will to solve this) and less about being in awe of the One we can never understand this side of eternity – I don’t understand but I do know that the Bible challenges me to follow and obey and as far as I can tell I have that choice and will pursue holiness through the strength that God has given me and the wisdom he imparts to me

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