5 Reasons to Stay Home On Wednesday Night

Hey, don’t be ashamed! Listen, you don’t have to feel guilty for NOT going to church on Wednesday night. It’s not like it’s the Lord’s Day, or something, right?

Look, should that crusty, old, Bible-thumping preacher come at you with a large-print Ryrie, using words like “backslidden” and phrases like “God rewards faithfulness,” just hold your ground. There are actually several reasons why staying home while the faithful few gather to pray is perfectly acceptable.

5 Reasons to Stay Home On Wednesday Night

1) The Genesis Argument. Wednesday was not the day on which our Savior was resurrected, nor is it the Sabbath; it was the day the sun, moon, and “lesser lights” were made. Therefore, should we “go back to Genesis,” the most logical thing to do on Wednesday is enjoy the sun till the moon comes out, then rest under the lesser “night” lights until Day 5.

2) 2 Timothy 2:15. Even the Apostle Paul would approve of you staying home on Wednesday night instead of heading over to where the worshippers are gathering. Was it not Paul who told Timothy to “study to show thy self approved”? Hey, you’ve got homework to do! If you make a bad grade you WILL be ashamed.

3) Old People Like Saving Money. Only the old people go to church on Wednesday night. Modern people, especially the younger ones, aren’t used to going to church “every time the doors are open.” For crying out loud in an unknown tongue, everybody knows the doors are open too much as it is, anyway.

Seriously, staying home to watch a movie…going out with friends…making ready for the weekend to the the lake…hey, all of those things would save the church money by not having to keep the lights on for an extra hour and a half. Don’t the older, depression-era saints like saving a penny?

4) We Can Pray Anywhere. The older generation needs to get with it! We don’t have to meet on Wednesday nights to pray; we can pray anywhere and anytime – that’s in the Bible! And for that matter, if we could just do a group message on Facebook we’d all save a little gas and driving time. Besides, this generation would rather text than shake a hand or hug a neck.

5) Sunday Is More than Enough. Let’s be honest, all the Christianity one needs can be gotten on Sunday morning from 11:00 to 11:47 a.m. (no need to stay for an invitation or after-service chit chat). Early Christians met on the Lord’s DAY, not night.

So, even though there are millions of people in the world who daily risk their lives to go to church whenever they can, this is America; we’re getting along just fine. Besides, the fewer times we meet the less risk we run of a church split, and who in the world needs that?

And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. – Matthew 24:12

No, I’m not serious.




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48 responses to “5 Reasons to Stay Home On Wednesday Night

  1. I was talking with someone yesterday about the dos and don’ts, shoulds and should nots of the Christian life. There seems to be a disconnect between the heart and mind. People do what they want to do. Perhaps the reason young adults leave the church the moment they leave home is because somewhere down the road that heart/mind connection was never made. They may have made the confession, were baptized and was at church every time the door was open but only out a sense of duty. Some may continue that duty their whole lives, but that’s all it is. It is a “have to” situation. Wednesday night prayer meeting will always be sparse so long as the American Christian views it as an optional service and is convinced they don’t “have to” go. Of course we don’t “have to” go at all, any time, but the key factor is: why don’t we WANT to? That is the key difference: the transition from a head knowledge of the Lord and the actual heart knowledge. If we truly love the Lord, we seek Him out and look for ways to serve Him. We want to be in His presence. Fake it til you make it? Is it better to be there even if you don’t want to be? Perhaps. Anytime spent with Him and hearing His Word is not in vain. Just some thoughts. Good post. ❤

  2. Hebrews 10:25 King James Version (KJV)

    25 Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.

  3. evolution is a hoax

    Sounds like your hurt. Did you prepare something, warm up the building but no one showed? Been there done that.

    It could be politics or a breakfast with the boys, dropping into the back door mission or going to church or cutting the lawn. People have a propensity to leave things where they lie and to do as little as possible.

    Some times there is nothing exciting at church. More of the same. Its one reason many churches vote in new Pastors every few years. If you don’t feel there is anything new, if its not going anywhere then there is a few yawns.

    Worse yet, if you keep being told how dumb you are in some sort of code or always short of what you should be from the pulpit and it has become just a place of blame, and if some of the people cause others trouble and you see it from a distance or first hand, who wants to go to that.

    What I think people like is being called to worship, being confronted to see something in new way and like to be called to a mission. They also like duty so if they have a job then they attend to do that job even if there is no church done no sermon, no fellowship and no worship.
    One might ask how dumb leadership is to let a youth do nursery every week. They might as well get job and tell the church to go to He double hockey sticks. They might as well have shot them with a spiritual shot gun and put them down spiritually and buried them.

    • No, we have a good attendance on Wednesday nights, actually. We are doing s study through Proverbs. Each week is a different chapter, and everyone has an opportunity to share what God’s Word spoke to them as they read through the chapter multiple times through the week. We praise God for answered prayers and blessings, then we share the burdens on our hearts. I conclude with some specific teaching on one verse or two from the chapter. Very casual and informal (other than we are at church, not a house). I look forward to it each week. And that’s just one reason why I wish people would take advantage of it.

  4. evolution is a hoax

    I had to confront those who wanted to put my son into worship services every Sunday or do sound every Sunday. I had to tell them to get off him. Leave him to worship with no responsibly 3 of 4 weeks.

    If you are dumb enough as an adult to go to church every week and preach and not sit on the other side of the pulpit, fine, but don’t do that to my son. They made that recommendation church wide and everyone started taking turns, it ended up involving many more people but people started to communicate and coordinate and look for goals. It was a good thing.

    It might surprise people but some people like one person over another. So why do we silo everything to be My ministry. Its nonsense. Its no wonder people don’t go to church to listen to the same guy, to hear the same squeeky worship leader and to do nothing to bring the lost in.

    Now if a CEO of church led the way. Wow that might make attending organizational meetings and Pep rallies and Sunday school exciting.
    It could be far better in a lot of churches.

    If like myself, people feel called to be a christian first, and life is about organizing to do Gods work in spite of trying of putting food on the table, things are different, but honestly some times church is even more boring because lots do not have the same drive. They are great people, genuine christians but sort of dull and pre-occupied with life.

  5. evolution is a hoax

    So I go to this coffee house every Saturday night. I take a widow lady to hear the music, and generally help take someone home rather than them taking the bus late at night.
    Thinking about being pre-occupied with life, we have groups come from all over the province to our Saturday night to sing and play. and some bands really don’t do that well.

    One issue is, they are clunky off the start. There is 4 sages to a good worship session.
    1) entry music. Connect with people to transition from outside life to inside church atmosphere. (I will enter his gates.) types of songs, welcoming, up beat and light. to take you from the lets get out the door to church to settling in.
    2) Stage two is to talk about attributes of God, who he is, about theology Salvation, standing for justice, that sort of stuff.
    3) then you move to praise and worship for he God is, for what he is,
    4) stage four is about personalizing it, surrender, consecration, thanksgiving.

    These 4 stages look like a person in motion from stretching to praising to bowing down.
    But if you go right into bowing down there is such a disconnect like water hitting a hot pan.

    So I see some groups with a list of disjointed songs, not organized in thought. They might all be fast or all worship but clunky in the way they are put together. Its like someone driving a car that does not softly use the break peddle. you feel your are going to break your neck driving with them jerking forward and backwards.

    Church can be like that. Sermons can be like that. Its not as easy as one might think, and some people just move on to somewhere they do have it together, even if its just by accident. So they start missing a few services and poof, they are gone.

  6. hawk2017

    Excuses are carnal lies, I think. I am guilty.:*(

  7. Wow, these comments, and the post! Unbelievable. I’m sorry you are all having so much trouble with legalism.

  8. Reblogged this on a simple man of God and commented:

    This, folks, is what we call satire. I am pretty sure Anthony is demanding people always be in the church building when some service is happening. He is probably saying, “Hey, ya’ll! We have church things happening! It would be great if you would come! If you seem to be coming up with excuses, that might mean you need to be there even more! (Legitimate concerns or an actual desperate need for a rest are obviously good reasons.) We just want to see your face and worship God with you!”


    • Thanks, Daniel. As you well know, legalism takes many forms, and it is not unique to fundamentalists, etc. Those too quick to judge and cast aspersions are equally as guilty. It’s something we all must be careful to avoid, else the unity of the Body suffers nevertheless.

      • Interestingly, I had shared Wally’s most recent “7 Letters to the 7 Churches” entry, and I shared two stories about attending church and legalism. That was one reason I wanted to share yours!

      • evolution is a hoax

        I thought it was nonsense. took all that work to be shot down by the simple words more often. meaning the assembly together was not about the rapture. we cant rapture more often as we see the day approaching.

        Maybe I missed it when I skimmed..

      • Brother, what I wish the both of you would remember is that, if we are truly believers, we are family. I don’t like it when we talk with anything less than grace to each other, especially when we disagree. The world can attack their own, but the “unity” that Jesus prayed for us to have should extend beyond “denomination” arguments.

      • evolution is a hoax

        I agree. He was saying you were a legalistic, then I piped up asking for explanation. It was just a drive by shooting really. I think its great if someone makes a point, but then one has to back up what they say or not start saying what they said. I think there is a unwritten social contract.

      • Legalism can be found in every camp, even in those who think they are less legalistic than anyone else.

      • Actually, I choose not to respond. You’ve already won.
        Yes, legalism is exactly what the post is about. Be at church (instead of being the church), pay the pastor to teach falsehoods, (denominational doctrine, tradition, out of context scripture, and no taking of time to discern properly). ALL introduced by early Roman rule and carried on within the Protestant practice.
        Of course, I’m wrong and you are right, no matter what evidence I present. But really, you should do your homework.

      • Damon, whether replying to me or “evolution,” I am saddened. I tend to wonder why there’s such a bitterness and condescension to your words? If I’m in error, and it’s entirely possible, for I claim no omniscience, why speak so arrogantly? Honestly, the words of your comment could have just as easily been written by any number of arrogant and condescending atheists who’ve told me I’m too brainwashed to listen to “facts.” How does that promote unity? Are you trying to win me or offend me into believing? Hard to tell by your last sentence.

        I read your comment, then had all these hours to drive a UHaul and think of how to respond. I wondered if you would even read this, much less read it without taking offense. But as I thought about your comment, along with your obvious disdain for those nondenominational congregations, I had to wonder how you would approach an established group of believers. Would you even pastor a church if asked? Would you tear apart a church (made up of members of THE Church) in order to bring unity through dispersion? Do you even believe a corporate gathering of believers is biblical?

        I think of believers I’ve met all over the world, from here to Europe to Africa. So many different ways of doing things, yet followers of Jesus Christ. I’ve been able to work and fellowship with believers from different denominations to share the gospel with the lost. I’ve prayed with hurting people, given food to hungry people, and encouraged the discouraged, and I’ve done it all without regard of the label over their door, just as long as salvation was through faith alone in Christ alone. Yet, what I hear from you is that I’m nothing more than a falsehood-teaching blind man leading the blind. Because I’m Baptist? Because I may have misinterpreted a non-essential passage? As if you’re 100% sure you’ve got every minor passage properly exegeted?

        To be clear, when I open up in prayer at every service, I thank God for “a place for where Your Church can meet.” So, I may not get a perfect score, but I’ve done my homework.

        I don’t want to argue, offend, or otherwise run you off, my friend. But I do hope that you understand that, should we be in a foxhole together (or underground), it shouldn’t matter what denomination I am or ain’t; I’d still have your back.

      • The whole point, whether you understand my words or not –and yes, I don’t always choose the best ways to communicate with gentleness —

      • the church is not as you tend to believe it is in the sense of “doing church”. Hence, “do your homework’. I’m sorry if that is offensive.
        The denominational title should be dropped. It’s man made, much like the great majority of the meaning of church today. I won’t respond anymore, but I sincerely pray you consider what I’ve shared. And friend, we don’t know each other, so let’s not assume based on a few paragraphs.

      • Read a book called, Pagan Christianity? by Frank Viola. It will be a great tool if you are leading a biblical church.

      • I looked up the book. I read at least 30 reviews. I get it. I also get why you come across as you do. This certainly explains it. It’s almost the same kind of passionate attitude a new Calvinist has when he incredulously discovers his neighbor has never come to the same conclusion. If you don’t respond to this, that’s ok. I understand. You’d just be beating a “dead cow,” I suppose.

        But the thing that bothers me is the idea that because people attend a church service and listen to a paid pastor, they can’t be living a full, blessed, effective Christian life. It’s this idea that because of the past we should just walk in to the place and say, “We are done here. Now, go meet in your homes.” In communities where the church has functioned for 200 plus years (such as ours) as a place where the local community gathered during good and bad, when in need and to celebrate, and to learn more about their Savior while seeking to utilize the collective to impact the needs of those outside “the walls,” it seems counterproductive to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

        If the people I shepherd (and there is precedence in the NT) love God, want to share Christ, are encouraged to ask questions, are encouraged to study on their own, and want to come to this place to pray with each other, share in their highs and lows, and hear me preach/teach, then is there not grace? That’s the BIG ISSUE…where does freedom of the believer and GRACE fit into this? If we practice the essentials, and if in the non-essentials we have freedom, is it sinful to willingly use a template in which to function? Does the heart of the issue matter, or is it all about the function? If it’s all about the function which precedes or facilitates a right heart, then is that prescription of any sort just furthering the concept of “you must do it this way, else you are not right with God”?

        Well, I’ve gone on too long. I doubt you or anyone else will read this. But just in case, I encourage unity in the Faith under the headship of Christ while we try not to discourage those who are worshipping in spirit and truth. Show grace. I’m not infallible, nor do I want to be thought of that way. Do as you find in the Word.

      • My view is not based solely on a book…
        More assumptions.
        Do as you will.

      • Dadgum, bro! “More assumptions.” I’m just responding to the info you gave me and offered some thoughts! Can you not be a little nicer? Geez.

      • Assumptions about me, the book based on a few reviews, and you reject any possibility of seeing it any other way outside of your Baptist theology. Read it, and for anyone else reading this waste of energy, read it. Blessings to you.

      • Brother, if I read it, was this conversation a waste of energy? If you lead a single person to deliverance, was it wasted energy? Do you see how all your comments have been allowed, and anyone could be challenged to read your suggestions, leave organized denominations, and whatever? I’m not afraid of honest discussion, and I would hope that any time you get to talk with anyone anywhere in open discussion it’s not a “waste of energy.” I would encourage you to reconsider how you say that, for it belittles the one to whom you speak. I wish you only the best.

      • You make so many assumptions about people. Everything you say is based on Anthony’s view. Use Scripture if you are going to claim title of pastor. Consider this? I will consider the fact that most in the denominational nets are blinded by their own ignorance. Bring people to truth, brother, not what their itching ears want to hear. Take care.

  9. Here’s the ironic thing… I won’t even be able to be at church tonight for our Wednesday night meeting! And I’m the pastor! Of course, the reason is because as I was traveling back to town (a 5-hour drive) I got a call that a sweet friend from high school was dying, and I was going to be driving right by the hospital. I had to go see her, which I knew would make me late for church. But there are times when some things take priority. To pray with a dying friend was more important today.

    • evolution is a hoax

      thats what 1John 1:9 is for. 🙂
      This is why Matthew 18 seen for what it is, Jesus slipping out the back door with the keys to the gates of power, and giving them to us is so important. The Pastor shouldn’t have the only keys to the church, be the only one who speaks etc. Or, the fear of someone taking over I guess causes some to hold on to tight. Its better if you delegate and diversify and build a team so you can do less and less while actually corporately do more and more.

  10. evolution is a hoax

    honey, I don’t want to go to church today its sunday, I want to sleep in. You got to Go! No, they hate me there. Oh come on Honey you got to go, Youre the pastor.

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