10 Tips for Having a GREAT Monday!

Good Morning!

This morning I was blessed to wake up, smell the cooler fresh air outside, get a cup of coffee, pet George, and read Proverbs 4. On top of that, I didn’t have to drive a school bus – or punch the clock for any reason – it’s technically my day off.

But not everyone knows how to have a great Monday, so I’ve decided to lend y’all some advice.

10 Tips for Having a GREAT Monday!

  1. Wake up. Yeah, I know this might sound like a given, but some people have the habit of sleeping through the whole day just to avoid it. Don’t do it! Wake up! Seize it, brutha!
  2. Don’t check the news, Facebook, or Twitter till at least lunchtime. Listen, I am an information junkie, even a smartphone addict, so I understand the hankering to tap those colorful little icons – just don’t do it today (Monday). If war has broken out, you will find out through other means; you don’t need to click on Fox or CNN or Yahoo News. If you got comments and likes in the middle of the night, don’t worry – Facebook will keep them on ice for you. The only thing you need to check before 7 a.m. is blog states and anything WordPress-related.
  3. Pray before you pee. I’m serious about this, folks. If you get out of bed and go to your earthly throne room first, it won’t be long before you forget about checking in with the Heavenly Throne room. Even if you have to tell Jesus: “Lord, I want to thank you for another day to serve you and bring you glory, but I will talk with you about some other stuff just after I get through in the bathroom,” do that. I’d rather you acknowledge your creator first than forget to thank the One who gave you Monday.
  4. Eat whatever you want for breakfast. I mean, hey, it’s Monday…just eat something and get on with it. You already have enough stuff on you plate to make you dread Monday, so why not make Monday-morning breakfast something to which you look forward? Pancakes, Fruity Pebbles, donuts, cake, pie, pizza, chocolate gravy and biscuits, cookies, waffles, and pure sugar are all legitimate options. Just make sure you include coffee.
  5. Read your Bible. Look, even if you don’t want to sit down with your leather-bound KJV or your plastic-covered NIV, find some way to consume the Bread of Life before your day gets going – you’re already going to be eating enough junk.
  6. Wake up to a catchy song for your alarm. If you have a smart phone that wakes you up, and if you can set your alarm to be a song, download Gloria Estefan’s “Conga” and shake your body out of the bed. It works! seriously!
  7. Tell your spouse you love her/him before you leave the house. Believe me, it makes for a better Monday… or Tuesday… or Wednesday… etc.
  8. Plan a God hunt. What is a God hunt, you ask? Determine that even though Monday’s can be depressing, determine to look for God working in some way. Make a game of it! See if you can beat last Monday’s record.
  9. Don’t forget to brush your teeth. Bad breath will guarantee a bad day. Wishing you’d remembered to brush your teeth will aggravate you all day. So, don’t forget.
  10. Don’t dress in the dark. Yes, if you want to have a GREAT Monday, make sure your clothes match before you head out for the day. Either that, or ask your spouse how you look.

BONUS: Don’t let your wife ask you how she looks; there is no way to have a good day once that happens.

There you have it! Hope these tips help!


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5 responses to “10 Tips for Having a GREAT Monday!

  1. Tip 11. get into your bible and find Isaiah 5 and notice the parallel with Matthew 21:33 and ask what was Jesus playing at. Did he just communicate the same truth, was he roughly quoting the same thing or was he revealing new truth. Then you morning will be filled with pondering and wonder as to the things God has prepared for those who love him.

  2. evolution is a hoax

    You want some Horse Power , Or should I say Donkey Power for Tuesday!

    So My Memory is so bad, so I don’t know IF I told you that I lost half my keys in the back yard, and by Gods intention after looking twice , I went out a third time with my friend on the phone only to simply walk into the back yard and to look down and pick them up.

    Then, a few days later talking with friends I intentionally tossed half my keys behind my back into the bushes, telling them that you don’t part the red sea with your power, but with Gods. And then after looking for an hr I tossed the other half in the bushes and they went into different bush and the guys wife had been out now for 10 seconds and said, shake the bush, and half the keys came out that I just tossed in. Then, she as she says with the dog who I play tug-a-war with with a rope, she says to me, Shake it! Shake it. So I shook the bush and the rest of my keys came out.

    I told them, its not about the keys, we do not have to worry. Spending days in the bushes is as valuable as spending the same in front of the TV. This world is passing by, its the kingdom that matters.

    Then over at another customers who used to be Catholic, I started talking about Keys, and felt to speak about Typical scriptures that cause issue like Matthew 18 and the keys to the kingdom, and to do a 30,000 ft view, the topic was Jesus was coming into town, He was the Messiah, he had opposition but Peter was being led to proclaim Jesus is Messiah. And on this, he would build the church and the gates of hell, being the leadership of the Sanhedrin and how they have closed up the kingdom to those who would come in are losing their control, that the keys to losing or binding, forgiving sins, sacrifice and the administration of all that is being taken from them and that the door to heaven is open now and the veil torn, we have the keys to the kingdom, we can in prayer reach the very throne of God, No more Solomons Temple. God has reconciled us. God is bridging the gap. Jesus is the way the spirit of God is within us, the kingdom of god is now within us. We sit in the heavenly’s .

    So that night some one testified in coffee house that the door to God is open as it says in Revelations that we should come to Jesus.

    The next morning Sunday, My buddy who got a glimpse of the truth of Matthew 18 sat down only to hear the preacher preach the same message.

    I spoke to him about this simply because I told him in worship because he plays guitar he needs to be in a place closer and closer to Jesus by reading Gods words, and by praying, entering to the throne, seeking to know him better and to let God close the gap. And as led by the spirit help others to reconcile with God, Open that door, and commune with God.

    Catholics made it an argument over who is boss, the Pope, but God has made it about Reconciliation, a new covenant and about the sweetness of communion vs. the power and control corrupt leaders can make the kingdom into.

    God give us this opening. Let us draw closer to you, to know how to be like you, to love like you loved. To hear the pain of the hurting, to forgive those who have offended us and to lift our praises to you, in your presence.

    • I think what you’re trying to say is that the KEY to staying busy for the Lord is to toss your keys to a confused Catholic and let God turn his keys until he’s in tune with Jesus. Am I right? 😁

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