“Pleeeease, Daddy!”

The following post was first published in March of 2015, but the truth is still totally relevant…please read…especially if you’re a father of little girls.

As I watched, my heart broke, my eyes flooded with tears, and I nearly had to leave the theater – that’s how I felt when I watched a particular scene in the movie Do You Believe?.

lacey Do You Belive Movie still

Credit: Still from “Do You Believe?” Movie

Alex PenaVega (of Spy Kids fame) played the role of a young woman named Lacey. Early in the movie she is shown sitting on a couch, on her cell phone, begging her father to either come to visit her, or let her spend some time with him (as I type this my eyes are beginning to water).

Totally desperate for his attention and affection, through barely contained sobbing, she cries out to her daddy, “pleeeease!

Now I’m crying. Seriously. Read on and you’ll understand why.

Not long ago, Katie (my middle daughter) called me up in the middle of the night…then called again…and again… She was at college and really, really ill.

Long story short, she wanted me to come get her…in the early hours of dark morning…before I had to get up and drive a school bus! It was an hour there, an hour back, not to mention loading her stuff, and I needed to be on a bus at 6:20 a.m.! But what was I supposed to do? She was my daughter, and through tears she asked, “Pleeease, daddy, I want to come home!”

I made record time to Bryan College.

Yesterday was a long day, from getting up early after going to bed late, to church last night. Then, at around 9:30 p.m. my little girl, Haley, asked, “Daddy, would you watch a movie with me?”

I looked down at my watch…my eyes were already heavy…I thought to myself, “It’s not going to be long before she’s grown and gone like the others.”…What’s another long day, right?

“Sure,” I replied. “What do you want to watch?”

The reason the scene in the movie got to me was that there are so many little girls out there…girls of all ages…each one willing to give anything for a little time with Daddy. And where are the dads? What is more important to them than a little girl on the other end of the line, soaking her cell phone with tears, crying “Pleeese, Daddy! Pleeeease!“?

More tears.

I like the way the New Living Translation renders Jesus’ words regarding fathers and their children…

You fathers–if your children ask for a fish, do you give them a snake instead? Or if they ask for an egg, do you give them a scorpion? Of course not! So if you sinful people know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him.” – Luke 11:11-13

My heart broke as I watched Alex PenaVega’s character weep for her daddy. It broke because the scene she was acting out was all too real – there’s a lot of hurting people out there who may never find comfort in a father’s arms.

Oh, would to God that men would be men and be the heroes their little girls need! Heaven only knows how many precious lives would be spared abuse, broken marriages, and life-long addictions if only daddies would be daddies!

How wonderful it is to know that we as believers have a Father in heaven, our Abba Father, who loves us more than any earthly father ever could! But does that excuse us dads from being our little girls’ knights in shining armor? Absolutely not!

A daddy’s role is to strive to be like our heavenly Father: one who is compassionate; one who listens; one who is patient; one who is strong as an oak tree, uncompromising, yet still available for make-believe tea or midnight retrievals from the dormitory.

Men…dads…be there for your daughter; God’s collecting her tears.


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8 responses to ““Pleeeease, Daddy!”

  1. What a sweet and heartbreaking post, Anthony!

    Recently a pastor I know just dropped everything and went to see his daughter in college in another state. He just said, “she needs me.” That really ministered to me, I was like, “wow, so that’s what that looks like….”

    Our Lord is a good, good Father, a friend to orphans, and He will heal that wounding ten fold. But those who care for their own daughters are often ministering to many others who are also watching you.

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  3. Excellent Anthony. If dads were Dads, there would be many less young people on the streets homeless, looking for attention, love, and care from anyone who pays attention to them. And in too many cases, the young girls / ladies are taken advantage of, just for attention, a warm place to stay in winter.

    Saw that all too often during years of street ministry in our city.

    And to your point, I can relate with our daughter. She went to a college out of town, dorm life was not for her she discovered on 2nd night there, when roommate brought guys into the room, and all were drinking. Then elevators and areas and the messes from students being sick during the night.
    Talked to her on the phone for a long time, for safety one night. Went to pick her up next day, saying good riddance to that episode of life.

  4. Angie Reinecke

    I lost my daddy in 2007 and I miss him every day. If he were here, I’d hug him tightly and kiss his cheeks and tell him how much I need him. I am 51, but no matter how old us girls get, we will always be our daddy’s little girls.

  5. hawk2017

    I understand. 🙂

  6. Man of Proverbs

    Good post and something for me to remember as I’m just starting my family. Thanks

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