Responding to Temptation

Young Woman,

I don’t care how young you are, 20’s or whatever. I don’t care how pretty you are, at least what I can see. I don’t care how much fun and full of energy you are; I’m not. I don’t care how much you want to please me. I don’t even care how much you care about me, or how much you need me. 

You see, whatever you have to offer, no matter what it may be, is not worth my marriage. No amount of “love making” could compare to the love that’s been built over the last 23 years with my wife. 

I love my wife and I love my God who gave her to me. I love my daughters and the trust they place in me. Nothing you can offer is worth what I’d have to give up. 

Lastly, marriage is designed to be symbolic of the relationship between Christ and the Church. Because of this, and because of the gospel, I will remain faithful to my wife because Jesus is faithful to me. 

In other words, I’m not interested in what you have to offer. 


Happily Forever-Married Man


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11 responses to “Responding to Temptation

  1. Shattered in Him

    Yes!!! I hope many other follow this lead.

  2. Hope Wingo

    Preach it, Anthony!!!

  3. “Lastly, marriage is designed to be symbolic of the relationship between Christ and the Church.” This is one of the MAIN parts that gets missed somehow! Thanks for including it!

  4. Reblogged this on imanikingblog and commented:
    I love this beautifully written declaration of faithfulness that is deeper than what we read. Way to go Pst Baker!

  5. Amen! More need to hear this message!

  6. Word. And a good one at that. Way to be.

  7. Oh, my God, did some chick move on you? Jesus Christ, that’s gross.

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