Todal Anilation!

Photograph and Driving

First, I don’t know any better way to say it. The reason the above header says “photography and driving” is because “shooting and driving” sounds really, really bad. “Pic and driving” brings to mind images of one with one hand on the wheel, the other up a nose.

What im trying to say is that I took a picture while driving. I don’t know if doing so is illegal, like texting while driving is. All I know is that when I saw what I saw I had to take a picture to prove to it.

So, don’t text and drive… But if you’re taking pictures make sure they’re worth sharing.

A New Word

I learned a new word, today. I saw it on the back of a pest control truck. The word is anilate. 

imageI know this a new word because I can’t find a definition for it. As a matter of fact, when I did a definition search, not only did Google keep asking me, “Did you mean annihilate?”, but other helpful tools started popping up. For example, I didn’t know there was anything out there that searched word-game databases. However, the one I clicked on informed me that anilate was not accepted in ANY word game played in the English-speaking world.

What a bummer! I have proof anilate is a word, but I can’t use it to score points. Not fair! Somebody needs to tell Words With Friends.

Keeel ‘Em! 

Actually, I was driving down the road and had to take a picture of this pest control truck. I couldn’t help but laugh.

Now, should someone from the company read this post, I hope they forgive me. I mean, maybe they just came up with the word one day after they watched Achmed the Dead Terrorist say, “I’ll keeel you!” I hope so. If not, all I can imagine is a couple of guys sitting around dreaming up names for a new business venture.

“Bubba, I caint think of nuttin. It’s like all d’ good’ns are taken up!”

“Yeah, I know, Shorty. Well den, why don’t we just call it what we plan ta be do in’ wid all dis here poysuns?”

“Watchya got in mind, Bubba? Sump’n like Keeel’m Pest Control?”

“Naw, it’s gotta sound more perfeshional thun that. Weer gonna annihilate dem dang bugs, Shorty! Get it? Weer gonna uh-NYE-late ’em!”

“Yeah! How d’ya spell that?”


“Cool! I’ll call th’ sign comp’ny and get’r done!”


Now, if that’s NOT how it happened, I’ll be really disappointed. 😉


NOTE: This was meant in fun, so don’t give Anilate Pest Control a hard time. Heck, give them a call!  They just might be the ones to annihilate … er, ANILATE your bugs. You never know. Call (423) 432-8266.


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6 responses to “Todal Anilation!

  1. 🙂 Could also be the last name of the owner. Check the phone book and see.

  2. Charise Collins

    Appears to be some toxic chemical – I kept finding “anilate-based.” Then I found “aniline.” So the word (anilate) is apparently a form of that compound (aniline). Guess that would explain its use against the pest world! 😄

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