Spring Break Slide Show

The Story

Over the last few Saturdays I’ve shared my thoughts about the “selahs” in the Psalms. More will come in the weeks to follow. But for today I want to change pace.

This past week my wife and I, along with Haley, Freaya (our exchange student), and Jack (Haley’s dog) traveled to Charleston, S.C. to spend sometime with our daughter and son-in-law, Alicia and Josh. So, instead of writing a traditional post, I’m going to share some highlights with pictures.

Worth a Thousand Words, or so


For most of the trip I was driving eastward into the sun. smart me brought my sun glasses.


Cold and windy…no hat or jacket. But hey, it was the beach.

See Haley and Jack. See Jack smile. Don’t see Freaya (because Korean culture has some serious vanity issues).


See Haley try to convince Jack to go into the water. See Jack say, “Not even for a Scooby snack.”

What a beautiful place to worship!

The Angel Oak tree. One of the cool places one can visit for free.


Part of our family tree under a tree. The photo was taken by a nice girl from New Jersey. i returned the favor.

If you are going to visit a tree, why not visit the restaurant?

This was a really neat place. Low country charm.


It’s been a while since I’ve done food stories, but the food at Angel Oak was superb. Here I ordered their take on Shrimp and Grits, with sweet tea and a side of collard greens. Fantastic.


The faithful steed. Oil changed and new wipers. Outside washed. Ready to say goodbye to the palm trees, Fred Anderson Toyota, and Charleston, S.C. Tennesse here we come!

Not pictured are late-night card games, going to a movie, visiting a wonderful Bible study, and getting the oil changed in our van before heading home (correction: I just added the Saturday morning oil change). By the way, Fred Anderson Toyota in Charleston is a great place to buy a car. 

Instead of a sunburn, I got some relaxing study time in while on this break. Now I’m just looking forward to preaching on Sunday!

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