Still Awake

It’s 1:30 a.m., my wife is out of town, and this is how I feel.

“Still Awake”

The dog is asleep under his blanket

The crickets are playing their third song

The rhythmic ticking from the cheap kitchen clock

Keeps time as I muddle along

With my typing, spacing, deleting

Of words that seem right, then wrong

It’s late, but I’m doing my best to take stock

Of the reasons I’ve been awake so long.

It’s not so hard when I leave her at home

I guess I tend to focus on the task when I’m gone

But when she leaves I feel disconnectedphoto (28)

There are things to do, but I feel misdirected

I need her more than she needs me

I don’t want to go to bed, it’s hard to sleep

The hotel bed is not her spot

The bed at home is where she’s not

I don’t want to roll over and…well… fear

I just like it better when she’s here.



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6 responses to “Still Awake

  1. And we have only just got up! I have made the tea and put food out for the birds. The newspaper has just come through the letterbox. It’s another new day.

  2. I’m laying here wide awake too. Missing my hubs because he thinks my Fibro body sleeps better with no one in bed next to me. He’s right and his sacrifice to sleep in the extra bedroom is beautiful, but painful in a different way. Bad day for several reasons in our house. Including that second Derecho that just came through an hour ago. I’m tired of this Midwest weather. I’m rambling. Something I do at 1 o’clock in the morning.

  3. I sooo get this. When my husband is gone I have to try to sleep on the couch – may time pass quickly until you two are together again!

  4. I miss my wife when she is gone sometimes. And other times I think–MORE BED FOR ME!

    • Last night my wife’s little dog, Nugget, finally decided to get in bed with me. Since she had been gone he has been having a sleepover with my daughter’s dog in another room. Well, last night my sleeping alone turned into waking up multiple times with either paws in my back or feeling like I was sleeping with a heating pad.

      7 lbs of annoyance.

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