Holy Hip Hop!

I rhyme, but I don’t rap. Call it a cultural thing, a matter of taste, or whatever – you decide. But even though there are a few exceptions, I just don’t like rap “music.”

lecraeNow, I have heard a lot about Lecrea, but do I have to enjoy his art? No. My daughters like his stuff, but I can’t stand it. Sorry. A lot of people love Steve Martin’s comedy, but not everyone loves his banjo picking (which is incredible).

Nevertheless, it’s not as much about the style as it is the message and intent of the artist. The following video from RZIM (Ravi Zacharias International Ministries) does a great job with this subject. A question about rap music in church is asked by someone during a Q&A at James Madison University. It’s worth watching.



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2 responses to “Holy Hip Hop!

  1. What a wise response! But I have to admit, I was hoping Zacharias would rap…

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