Thursday Thoughts (Elk vs. Hunter Talk)

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here, today, in the sight of the NSA, to join my thoughts with your thoughts in a somewhat semi-holy-like bond of conversamony (I made that up).

If there is anyone logged on who objects to this union, please comment now, or forever hold your peace (or just click the red “X” at the top right corner of your computer screen).

Elk Talk

Do elk talk? I have no idea. I’m sure they have some sort of language with which they communicate online and in their lodge meetings, but I know little of what it may sound like.

However, I could not help but ponder what THIS elk might have been thinking or saying quietly under his breath while staring down a hunter.

elk talkThe picture you see is a screen grab from a video posted by a radio station (95.7 KJR) on their Facebook page. The hunter remained perfectly still as this elk walked right up to him and stood there, sniffing, looking, and possibly whispering in a Clint Eastwood-like tone…

What Does the Elk Say?

  • “Well, ring-a-ding-ding-a-dingaling, what have we here?”
  • “Thought I couldn’t see ya’, didn’t ya’? Thought I’d never seen a bush walk in the woods before, didn’t ya’? Who’s look’n at who, now? Huh? LOOK at me!”
  • “Skeeerrrd? Who’s the one with sharp, pointy things on his head, eh?”
  • “Go ahead, punk! Make my day!”

What Does the Hunter Say (or think silently to himself)?

  • “Jeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzz…” (probably not slang, but a slow, cautiously-mouthed prayer to the Savior for help)
  •  “Ahh, man! It’s too cold to have wet pants!”
  • “I’m a little statue…I’m a little statue…”
  • “Was that doe or buck urine I put on?”

Maybe this is why I never hunted anything bigger than squirrel. 

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