Monkey Survived

He Survived!

I was so worried, but Mr. Monkey came through the wash without falling apart. Washing a family heirloom is not something I do very often, especially 30 year-old puppets.

You see, I took Mr. Monkey with us to the beach in South Carolina. There he experienced getting buffeted by the salty waves crashing onto the shore. Fortunately, he didn’t need sunscreen.

The only problem is that Mr. Monkey came out of the wash fine, but ended up looking like he got a “perm” after only a few minutes in the dryer. He’s still a little damp, so he’s just hanging around, for now.

Well, signing off again from the WordPress iPhone app. Have a great Thursday!





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10 responses to “Monkey Survived

  1. That’s hilarious! What an uplifting end to a great day. Thanks, Anthony. I’m glad The Recovering Legalist mascot will be around for another round of blog posts.

  2. Thank you for your good and tender care of Monkey! I look forward to more blogs.

  3. That picture where Monkey is hanging by his little fingers is sort of disturbing. I think I’ll pretend he’s swinging in the jungle or something.

    • Torture. Pure torture. He is dry now, so I will take him down and let him walk around a bit. The only problem is that we are visiting with our daughter and son-in-law, Alicia and Josh, and their little rat dogs don’t like Mr. Monkey. I would be afraid to see what would happen. He is safer pretending he is in a dungeon.

  4. Anthony, I agree with Jessie that the picture of Monkey hanging appears to be some kind of animal cruelty! If a letter from PETA appears in your mailbox over the next few weeks, I had nothing to do with it!

  5. Seeing him has made me consider getting a perm!

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